"There are many artists that can be defined as unique and engaging, but no one can steal the listener’s attention like Blind Uncle Harry. Gifted with incredible songwriting skills, this excellent musician and recording artist stands out thanks to his brilliant compositions, witty sense of humor, and lyrics that carry a strong message." -Planet Singer Magazine



"A sensational, folk-infused single." -SKOPE MAGAZINE

"Listening to this track is akin to taking a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down."

"This is an artist that truly has something to say, and, boy, does he say it well."

What always amazes me when I get into the details of a Blind Uncle Harry track is the unwavering truth that resides in his lyrics." 

Hillbilly Hippie Shreddin’ Folk Rock’. That’s how Blind Uncle Harry describes his music and it’s completely spot on. In fact, that can now be a genre in its own right as Blind Uncle Harry is back shreddin’ yet again with another folk-rock single ‘I Just Want You To Know’. What always amazes me when I get into the details of a Blind Uncle Harry track is the unwavering truth that resides in his lyrics. He’s not afraid to jump onto a soapbox about what he believes. Well, why should he when he tends to point out some poignant truths about modern-day society? This is an artist that truly has something to say, and, boy, does he say it well. 

Staying true to himself, ‘I Just Want You To Know’ is a completely political track. Yet, the politics is sewn into slick guitar solos, catchy melodies and groovy guitar chords. As the name suggests, Blind Uncle Harry just wants us to know the hypocrisies hidden in the society of today and he translates these truths as he knows best — a sensational, folk-infused single. Throughout the track, Blind Uncle Harry’s unique vocals cut through the chords with passionate precision. His performance is never overbearing or overpowering, instead, he invites you to really listen to the meaning behind the words. The delicate harmonies that adorn Blind Uncle Harry’s main melodies provide a refreshing brightness to the track. They colour in the space as they sail over Harry’s singing.

When it comes to the instrumentation, there’s a definite groove guiding the way in this track. The bass bounces below the thicker guitars and creates a nice movement that prevents any stagnation in the soundscape. String lines swing in with infectious energy throughout the track; there are some beautiful moments of ornamentation and stretched out melodies that melt into the main body of the music. In true Blind Uncle Harry fashion, the guitar solo that swoops in is an energetic highlight of the track. ‘I Just Want You To Know’ could have easily fit right in with Blind Uncle Harry’s debut album ‘The Gospel According To Blind Uncle Harry’ and that’s what makes this artist such a force to be reckoned with. Blind Uncle Harry has perfected his passionate ‘hillbilly hippie shreddin’ folk rock’, he knows what he wants to say and he’s not afraid to say it. Listening to this track is akin to taking a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

"Hitting with vitality and a raw, expressive style, Harry has been winning over hearts and minds all across the globe, and it’s all thanks to tracks like ‘I Just Want You To Know’. -BROKEN 8 RECORDS (AUSTRALIA)

"Harry has never failed to inspire or entertain, and with his new single, he’s continued to impress, extending his reach and proving beyond any shadow of a doubt, the power of one man and some really good music."

An acclaimed singer-songwriter who borrowed his stage name from his great uncle, Chris Doran, better known as the wild Blind Uncle Harry, has been kicking up the dust around Indiana for some time now, cultivating a textured folk-rock sound that is built on ‘hillbilly hippie shreddin', raucous live shows, and bold, extended solos. Hitting with vitality and a raw, expressive style, Chris has been winning over hearts and minds all across the globe, and it’s all thanks to tracks like ‘I Just Want You To Know’.

The latest in a long list of rightfully celebrated releases, ‘I Just Want You To Know’ arrives as a bold blend of sharp, evocative vocals, powerful percussion, and cascading rhythms. Built to last with a maelstrom of iconic Americana sounds, the new single is filled with pride, joy, and authenticity, delivering a homegrown anthem that boldly wears its heart on its sleeve.

Stripped back and free of any over-polished sounds, ‘I Just Want You To Know’ speaks straight from the heart, offering a tangible connection between artist and audience that shines with gentle folk-rock harmonies. It’s a subtle, but wonderful blend, one that snaps with drifting electric guitar and heightened drums, laying down a familiar melodic style that is perfectly punctuated by iconic guitar riffs and wayward emotive lines.

Undercut by vintage dynamics and golden, saturated sounds, Chris’ vocals add a touch of humour and humanity, carving through the music with an engaging and hard-to-forget style. Ultimately, it’s an unexpected, but welcome release, and it stands apart in all the best ways.

Described as the “musical antidote to these politically poisonous times”, Chris’ work as Blind Uncle Harry has never failed to inspire or entertain, and with his new single, he’s continued to impress, extending his reach and proving beyond any shadow of a doubt, the power of one man and some really good music.

Score: 8.5/10

"'I Just Want You To Know' by Blind Uncle Harry is the right message for a failing America." -WARLOCK ASYLUM MUSIC BLOG REVIEW

The multi-talented Chris ‘Harry’ Doran aka Blind Uncle Harry returns to the music world with a new single titled “I Just Want You To Know”. Based out of Bloomington, Indiana – the talented singer and songwriter is greatly known for his avant-garde approach to recording and contagious wittiness enveloped in hints of Americana and folk-rock music.

I Just Want You To Know that examines some of America’s core values – and the different perspectives that permeate throughout our society. The song has a similar theme to John Lennon’s Give Peace A Chance. Lennon’s assassination is even mentioned by Blind Uncle Harry as a turning point and beginning of a more violent world.

Blind Uncle Harry has layered I Just Want You To Know with an organic landscape of instrumentation, including crisp drums, live fiddle, and a chunky taste of electric guitar. I Just Want You To Know by Blind Uncle Harry is the right message for a failing America.

Harry "never disappoints and 'I Just Want You To Know' is another spectacular addition to this artist’s brilliant catalog." -WHICH COAST MUSIC BLOG

Chris “Harry” Doran, known by his artist name Blind Uncle Harry, is a singer/songwriter from Bloomington Indiana. Blind Uncle Harry is a common topic here at Which Coast and we have covered many of his songs including “Christmas Day in Australia”, “Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over”, “Song For Kori” and American Way. Today we are excited to check out yet another track from this artist, “I Just Want You to Know”!

“I Just Want You to Know” features Blind Uncle Harry’s signature style; you can tell from the outset that only one artist sounds like this. Featured within are genuine lyrics and a genuine attitude that really drive the song. There is one thing that I admire the most about Blind Uncle Harry: his consistency. You know what to expect each time you give one of his tracks a spin and he never disappoints and “I Just Want You To Know” is another spectacular addition to this artist’s brilliant catalog.

I must say, Blind Uncle Harry is doing some great things with his music.

"a powerful message that is perhaps as relevant as ever, given the crazy state in which the world is seemingly free-falling into these days." -THE BANDCAMP DIARIES

Blind Uncle Harry has recently dropped a brand new single titled “I Just Want You To Know.” This excellent studio work combines elements of rock, Americana and alt-country with a one-of-a-kind sound, similar in style to artists such as Neil Young, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt, but with a whole unique personality that transpires through the music.

“I Just Want You To Know” bridges the gaps between being a song that’s engaging, and a number that’s so personal and easy to relate to, striking a much deeper connection with the audience through quality storytelling. The song also has some political overtone, with a powerful message that is perhaps as relevant as ever, given the crazy state in which the world is seemingly free-falling into these days. Musically, the song is catchy and upbeat, with some amazing female background vocals and some fiddle parts that crown the arrangement beautifully.

"A lilting rootsy tune shot through with spiraling fiddles, slices of choppy guitar and heavenly harmonies." -DANCING ABOUT ARCHITECTURE

"same old raggedy brilliance. You can always count on Harry."

Blind Uncle Harry might come across as that guy at the end of the bar, always spouting on about conspiracy theories and what the government is really up to. The guy that most of the denizens of this watering hole accept with good grace but whisper about behind his back.

But, if you were to spend any time listening to what he actually has to say, you would find that there is a lot of truth in his warnings and theories. And so it is with his latest song, I Just Want You To Know, a lilting rootsy tune shot through with spiralling fiddles, slices of choppy guitar and heavenly harmonies. One day he might very well be proved right and whilst you were getting your view of the world from The Washington Post, CNN or…(tries not to laugh)…Fox News, maybe it was the guy at the end of the bar, the one who does his own independent research, the guy not taken in my the mass media message, that you should have been listening to all along.

And when it does enevitably all go wrong, at least Blind Uncle Harry can sit back in the sound knowledge that he had nothing to do with it. Part song, part statement of non-involvement, same old raggady brilliance. You can always count on Harry.

"Blind Uncle Harry once again knocks down the walls of conformity and challenges the herd like mentality with “I Just Want You to Know”. -STREAMLINE MUSIC BLOG

"compelling, bluntly tackling certain norms and aspects of society that many people perceive as true American values; however, Harry shines a light on their detriment and eschews them" 

Blind Uncle Harry is the moniker of acclaimed singer, songwriter and musician Chris ‘Harry’ Doran. Harry’s eclectic musical stylings are a distinct fusion of folk, rock and country, something he describes as “hillbilly hippie shreddin’ folk rock”; Harry can also be characterized as “the real McCoy” as he pens songs which come straight from the heart, unfiltered and not watered down in any sense. Whether he’s singing on serious, thought-provoking subject matters or incorporating his cagey knack for blending satire with a musical twist, Blind Uncle Harry is a recording artist sure to garner attention.

Harry continues his staunch reputation as a lyrical straightshooter, established with such popular tracks as “American Way” and “Songs of Kori”, with a witty, yet provocative song titled “I Just Want You to Know” accompanied by an enthralling music video. “I Just Want You to Know” is a compelling song lyrically as Harry asserts his unapologetic patriotism by bluntly tackling certain norms and aspects of American society that many people perceive as true American values; however, Harry shines a light on their detriment and eschews them…

There are millions and millions thinking this is so great
That we all live in a military state
Mindless consumption and endless competition
You pay a high price for being born American
Well I had nothing to do with it

I, for all my life fought against all of this
Source: Excerpt from “I Just Want You to Know”: Blind Uncle Harry

"Harry’s vocal delivery is harmoniously mellow and projects a magnetically appealing authenticity that rings through the soundscape. His voice rides along the wistful and reflective instrumentation with a flawless self-determination that captures the essence of the song. Harry’s voice is extremely engaging, not boisterous or “in-your-face”, which enhances the empowering factor of the messaging…not preachy…but it comes off as a guy simply stating his viewpoints and it’s easy to absorb. “I Just Want You to Know” is a song and composition that activates your mental imagery and may challenge your way of thinking.

The long slow death of a beautiful nation
Source: Excerpt from “I Just Want You to Know”: Blind Uncle Harry

Blind Uncle Harry, once again, knocks down the walls of conformity and challenges the herd-like mentality with “I Just Want You to Know”. Also, check out the official music video to immerse yourself in the wondrous imagery of small-town Americana as Harry performs his rendition of the illuminative song. Enjoy!

"Sought-after folk-rock singer Blind Uncle Harry is rocking the scene of the music industry with his new single ‘I Just Want You To Know’ which brings a cosmic amalgamation of sharp vocals and electrifying drumbeats." -DAILY MUSIC ROLL

Experience a revitalizing journey into the musical genre of folk-rock with Blind Uncle Harry as the artist has just released his new music ‘I Just Want You To Know’.

Sought-after folk-rock singer Blind Uncle Harry is rocking the scene of the music industry with his new single ‘I Just Want You To Know’ which brings a cosmic amalgamation of sharp vocals and electrifying drumbeats. The artist is showing his pride in being an American and is portraying his pure joy of being one with his latest release. The iconic guitar riffs and the concoction of emotions in the track are capable of stealing the attention of listeners. He has always stayed true to his virtuosity and has tried to portray his ingenious observations of the world around him with the song.

The Indiana Folk-rock artist from Bloomington is famous for his raucous live shows with audience sing-alongs and extended solos. Chris Harry Doran, popular by his stage name Blind Uncle Harry is inspired by his uncle who was a fiddle player. The artist is defining a new journey of folk-rock music with several amazing contributions like ‘American Way’, ‘Song For Kori’, ‘Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over’, and much more. 

"...a fantastic mixture of indie pop and folk rock" -Excess Magazine (Germany)

A mixture of Woody Guthrie and Beat Happening, Blind Uncle Harry creates a soulful sound on “I Just Want You To Know”. -BEACH SLOTH

The backing vocals are a spectacular treat and …the violin remains a standout element of the music throughout, and the guitar really lights up a fantastic solo moment in the mix -Sleeping Bag Studios (Canada) 


Blind Uncle Harry is Back with Another Excellent Single,           “American Way!” -The Planet Singer Review

"American Way" is one of those songs you fall in love with just after the first play

"There are many artists that can be defined as unique and engaging, but no one can steal the listener’s attention, like Blind Uncle Harry. Gifted with incredible songwriting skills, this excellent musician and recording artists stands out thanks to his brilliant compositions, witty sense of humor, and lyrics that carry a strong message."

Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his latest release, “American Way,” discovering more about the music of this talented artist. Starting with iconic guitar riffs, the catchy rhythms of “American Way” will conquer music lovers from all around the world. Memorable lyrics and a well-needed dose of positivity make this song a must-have for your playlists! Blind Uncle Harry is back after the brilliant album “The Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry,” releasing another masterpiece that will enrich his unique discography! “American Way” is an exciting and energetic single, and we can’t wait for Blind Uncle Harry’s next release, and hopefully, a full-length album soon!

"Blind Uncle Harry is staying true to his authentic artistry with ‘American Way’ as he continues to boldly state his astute observations of the world around him. Yet, In good old Blind Uncle Harry fashion, he does so with a completely catchy hook, vibrant guitar licks and infectious energy" -Skope Magazine Review

"Blind Uncle Harry’s unique brand of ‘hillbilly hippie shreddin’ folk rock’ just keeps getting better and better of late. His latest single ‘American Way’ is an effortless evolution of his folk-infused sound. This single comes off the back of his previous release ‘Song For Kori’ — a delicate depiction of an unjust and broken system and its harrowing consequences."

"‘American Way’ feels, well to be frank, truly American. From the slick guitar solo episodes to the classic country drum line, ‘American Way’ oozes a bluesy country flair. Over a steady soundscape, Blind Uncle Harry laments over the hypocritical and exploitative nature of the American way of life. The thick blanket of sarcasm makes lines such as “don’t you worry baby it’ll be okay… don’t you worry it’s the American way” all the more fun to belt along with."

"Blind Uncle Harry has the most astounding ability to pen songs that’ll have you moving and shaking whilst questioning the structures that surround you." 

"His discography is by far the most intriguing I’ve seen in a while. Whilst with ‘Song For Kori’ you had to listen deeply to hear the societal truths, ‘American Way’ is an out and proud critique of western ways of the world — by nature it’s an absolute anthem. His vocals hold unwavering confidence, slightly edging this song the realms of a call to arms. His refreshingly raw and natural vocal lines allow you to truly take in the message of the track, whilst learning just why Blind Uncle Harry is such a beloved country artist storming the scene right now. With his unique “hippie shreddin’ folk-rock” Blind Uncle Harry is making life all the more fun as he scores our daily soundtracks. Even if, as he says in this latest single, that 'living a lie is the price you pay'."

"American Way is classic sonic satire, a reminder that the       American Dream is, for some, a living nightmare."       -Dave Franklin Review, Dancing About Architecture

"Not that there is anything wrong with saluting the flag, honouring people’s sacrifice, being proud of your country or owning a pick-up truck, a gun and a big hat. But there has to be something to balance that good ole boy, truck driving, leaders of the free world sentiment. Hasn’t there?

Well, now there is. Now we have Blind Uncle Harry."

"It’s also a refreshing change, especially to find such sentiments being expressed in American music."

"Blind Uncle Harry is a sonic subversive."

Join the musical revolution with Blind Uncle Harry’s latest track ‘American Way’ -Celebrity Land Review

Get an invigorating dose of folk-rock music with Blind Uncle Harry as the artist has come up with his latest enjoyable and ebullient track ‘American Way’. 

"Music is one of the best mediums of revolution and Blind Uncle Harry is being a part of that musical revolution. This talented music artist is churning out the authentic essence of folk-rock music with his amazing compositions of guitar and indulgent singing style. The latest track ‘American Way’ is the greatest example of his creative voice against the dystopian reality. The subject matter of the track shows the darker side of society as well as the whole system with an ample amount of ludicrous elements. Harry’s raspy voice and eclectic performance help to establish the subject matter along with numerous enjoyable moments."

"The artist could be seen performing with an acoustic guitar, strumming his heart out on the official music video. Playful chords are played on the American flag-drawn guitar while the lyrics pop in the red background. Perfectly justifying the title ‘American Way’, the music video provides enjoyment, entertainment, and education to all listeners." 

Indulge in the Best Folk-Rock Musical Streak With Blind Uncle Harry's New Single "American Way" -African Hype Music Blog

"[Blind Uncle Harry] broke into the scene with his melodic guitar elements, and the result is a magnificent acoustic folk/blues guitar-solo creation that infects the airways with its vast palette of creative harmonies and instrumental narrative. 'American Way" is a terrific introduction to the artist's appealing instrumental work and demonstrates that he is establishing a beautiful route to success with his passionately-led guitar work. Thematically, the song tells the story of how we are conditioned to adhere to societal ideals...it succeeds in leaving a lasting impression and necessitates repeated listens." 

...captures the sound and feel of Americana- The Bandcamp Diaries

There is so much music out there, but sometimes, the songs with meaning are the ones that really stand out. Such is the case of American Way, a brand new release from Blind Uncle Harry. This exciting new release captures the sound and feel of Americana, and it feels like a perfect representation of what Blind Uncle Harry is all about: a true storyteller with a passion for the classic sounds of America’s most iconic music. ...American Way seems like an open display into this world and an invitation for the audience to step in and think a bit deeper about life. You should definitely listen to American Way by Blind Uncle Harry if you enjoy the work of artists such as Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, and Steve Earle, only to mention but a few. 

"...shows off exactly the powerlessness that so many Americans are feeling in this very moment" -Beach Sloth Music Blog

"Blind Uncle Harry embodies pure Americana with the sharp-tongued “American Way”. With humor that touches upon Randy Newman’s sly lyricism it underpins the entirety of the work. Over the course of the track he absolutely pours his heart into every moment. Every single thought within the sound feels mulled over, and hits way too close to home. A sense of feeling downtrodden tends to inform much of the piece, for he makes sure that the song keeps on building up to that fantastic finish at the end. “American Way” features Blind Uncle Harry’s incredible thoughtfulness for the song sprawls out into the infinite, with a message that lingers in the mind long after the song has ended."

For some time now, the American musician Blind Uncle Harry has stood for musical quality and has presented one fantastic work after the other from his pen -Excess Magazine (Germany)

"Here, in a sarcastic and at the same time serious way, the coercion of social structures in America is sworn off. The citizen has little to say in this so-called land of
unlimited possibilities and alleged freedom... Again with fantastic vocals, this Americana Folk Song is a clear rejection of the system of coercion. Musically and compositionally very mature, American Way by Blind Uncle Harry sticks directly in the mind of the listener. Conclusion 8 out of 10: Blind Uncle Harry is convincing every time! For those who are fed up with the subjugation of arrogant authorities, this song is best suited."

"If you have been following our articles on Blind Uncle Harry over the past year or so then it will come as no surprise that 'American Way' is yet another excellent track from this talented and interesting artist." -Which Coast Music Blog

"'American Way' is yet another authentic slice of Americana - fitting considering the track’s title - from the ever-talented Blind Uncle Harry. This track provides commentary on the titular “American way”, dissecting some of its more negative elements; throughout this track, Blind Uncle Harry takes his naturally folksy sound and puts it to use in a traditional sense. Even tackling a serious topic like this one, it is easy to tell just how much fun Blind Uncle Harry has while creating the music he releases and that kind of spirit is undeniably endearing, adding a layer of authenticity to his music that many artists do not have."

Blind Uncle Harry Speaks The Truth In Stunning Single ‘Song For Kori’ -Skope Magazine

"Blind Uncle Harry is back with another single set to tug at our heartstrings this month. ‘Song For Kori’ strays slightly from the self-defined ‘hillbilly hippie shreddin’ folk rock’ that he is best known for, but is still rooted in the folk foundations at the heart of his sound. This latest single comes off the back of his astonishing album ‘The Gospel according To Blind Uncle Harry’ from last year. ...If being an artist truly is having something to say and saying it with style, then Blind Uncle Harry, in every dissection of the word, is an artist."

Blind Uncle Harry Pours Out His Soul on Folk Single "Song For Kori" -Artists Central Music Blog

"A fable about the intricate moments of life, the struggles, the trials, the tribulations and the victories. Overall Uncle Harry has proved that simplicity is often the victor when it comes to songs from the heart and all the talking can be done with a voice and lone instrument. A startling offering indeed." 

An instant Indie Classic -Anastim Ducray, Stepkid.com

"Featuring a full, rich lyrical narrative, Song For Kori is music for the open road. The sound has recognizably 1960′s vibe. It reminds me a lot of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. ...Song For Kori manages to capture a kind of essence within the American zeitgeist. It’s reassuring to know that indie music like this is still being made." 

Blind Uncle Harry Dropped a Fantastic New Single Titled "Song for Kori"- AndreaCaccese.com Music Blog

"He is a gifted lyricist, and a beautiful example of what it means to make music with passion and focus, taking his audience on a musical journey. Highly recommended if you are a fan of artists such as Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan or Steve Earle, only to mention a few!"

The Way in which Blind Uncle Harry Captures the Complex Emotions of Such a Tragic Tale in this Song is Something Magnificent - and Tragic. -WhichCoast.com

"Blind Uncle Harry provides a one of a kind listening experience with each and every song and “Song For Kori” is a standout example; of the three tracks we have reviewed from this artist, this one is the most subdued and heart-wrenching."

Because at the Heart of it All, This is One Spectacularly Sweet, and Exquisitely Twisted Tale -Sleeping Bag Studios

"He echoes the folk-singers of old, way back when before everything had to be all slicked out with top-shelf studio production…when the natural sound of a guitar still held its true magic with the masses. By the time he hits this single’s main conclusion, it lands with the resounding thump of the weight of its message, delivered by the most delicate means, but hard hitting all the same." 

A Folktale That Reflects the Dark Side of American Values. -Ratings Game Music

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

"The Indiana singer and songwriter with a penchant for the unconventional is back with his latest release “A Song For Kori" ...a searing indictment of American values, "where a man is worth more to his daughter/dead than alive,” this track is a stripped-down direct depiction of the grand values of the USA accompanied by an acoustic guitar. A continuous theme for Blind Uncle Harry is to tell hard truths without sugarcoating" 

Blind Uncle Harry has once again proven himself to be a songwriting genius with this title -Excess Magazine (Germany)

With several releases, Blind Uncle Harry was able to convince several times and rightly has a sworn fan base behind him. One of those highlights that complete his discography is the brilliant album The Gospel According To Blind Uncle Harry. But today it's about the story of Kori, who Blind Uncle Harry with nothing more than his high-pitched guitar arpeggio and his beguiling voice, which spreads brilliantly and angelically in the listening room. Blind Uncle Harry has once again proven himself to be a songwriting genius with this title, who can also convince vocally and more than lives up to his songwriting talent.

Song For Kori: "A Stunning Folk Song with Amazing Lyrics" -JustFame.com


"The multi-talented singer and songwriter Chris ‘Harry’ Doran aka Blind Uncle Harry continues to ignite the music world with his unorthodox inventiveness."-Warlock Asylum Music Blog

Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over is a " folk-rock delight... [Harry] has an edge for using his music as a vehicle to create awareness. Blind Uncle Harry does it again!"

"This is One of the Funniest and Unique Songs That We Have Ever Come Across." -Just Fame 

"Blind Uncle Harry certainly has a knack for storytelling which he showcases through his songwriting skills." 

 "Taps Into Folk’s Very Rebellious Roots ...A Modern Marijuana Anthem" -Which Coast Music Blog

"I really get a Violent Femmes vibe from this track, fused with a bit of modern folk music - this song is a treat and even a bit of a trip in itself. ...when listening to Blind Uncle Harry, expect to have a good time."

 An "Indie Folk Rock Anthem" -Anastim Ducray, Stepkid.com

"One gets the sense this jam is a real hit at parties. The musical style is like if you were to blend 1880′s country with 1960′s folk, 1990s lofi and add contemporary social flair. Blind Uncle Harry’s witty lyrics and mellow delivery are those of a true hippie out of time."

"You’re Going to Find Yourself Grooving Along To This Song." -Sam Reed, Indie Band Guru

"Known for his hilbilly shreddin’ folk rock sound, Blind Uncle Harry has an arsenal of tricks up his sleeve to keep his music unique and fresh. Utilizing a rotating arrangement of band members to compliment every song and make it shine in it’s own, quirky way." 

"By the time ‘Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over’ draws to a close, you’ll find yourself humming along with the catchy hook and in need of hitting that repeat button for another listen." -WokeChimp.com

the "communal spirit feels absolutely awe-inspiring, [and] recalls a bit of David Peel & The Lower East Side’s “Have a Marijuana”. The same degree of joy from that 1968 album lives on with Harry’s loopy take on folk rock."  -BeachSloth.com

"The famous Blind Uncle Harry never fails to wow the audience, and with his latest music video, he has just set the benchmark for creative artists out there in the industry. His versatile development, together with authentic lyricism, is the source of his immense popularity around the world." -African Hype Music Blog

"And of course, the music is suitably ragged and raucous coming off like a campfire busk or a cosmic jam after a night on the weed, and it is all the more glorious for it." -Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture Music Blog


“Christmas Day In Australia Is Set To Go Down As A Classic." -Camden Monthly 

"Genius Leap of Melodic Bliss" -Warlock Asylum

"Known for his inventive charm and daring folk-rock revelry, ...Blind Uncle Harry’s creative charms seem to never end and just in time for holiday cheer, he makes another genius leap of melodic bliss with this Christmas release. Not only is Christmas Day In America an inventive effort, but for a wide majority of the population that has been locked away in 2020’s pandemic, it is a way to travel across the world and finally let go of all that is useless."

Blind Uncle Harry Gifts Us With a Song That Santa Will Absolutely Love. -Shari Hirsch, Ratings Game Music

Christmas Day in Australia "definitely shows off the chill, bluegrass, hippie-esque formula that [Harry] seems to be known for. This folksy untraditional Christmas song is the perfect heartfelt alternative to the customary holiday classics." The lyrics "are definitely unique, clever, and funny, while also political."  

Blind Uncle Harry "writes singalong protest comedy songs which somehow manage to be all three of those things at once." -Bob Smith, Static Dive Music Blog

"known for his biting wit and wise-guy wisdom" and as "a dynamic writer and performer. ...Harry has made a name for himself writing, recording and especially performing his unique brand of folky and funny social commentary." 

"Blind Uncle Harry taps into that wild sensation with his version of a holiday hit, Christmas Day In Australia" -Sam Reed, Indie Band Guru 

...Known for telling a great tale and usually a damn catchy one, Harry has pinned down a unique niche for himself. It’s safe to say that you can never truly know what’s coming next from Blind Uncle Harry, and that’s part of the undeniable charm."  

"A heartfelt piece of outsider pop ...vital and vibrant." -BeachSloth.com

"...a wonderful stream of consciousness, one that becomes nearly bursting with so much passion."  

"I love the world that Blind Uncle Harry builds through the music he and his revolving door of musicians create" -Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture Music Blog  

"It reminds me of a wonky, rootsy past, one resurrected from weed, wisdom and wide-eyed wonder, one that combines the most infectious sing-alongs with some deep and meaningful…occasionally deep and meaningless…themes, a bit like the way that Monty Python would bang on about Schopenhauer and then the next moment be hitting each other with fish! It is a place where cosmic country cool is soaked in a hippie hullabaloo and above all, where music is made for all the right reasons." 

"Blind Uncle Harry is the kind of music experience that you are not going to come across every day. Through “Christmas Day in Australia”, we get just one taste of the artistry and musicianship that Chris “Harry” Doran and his band have become known." -Which Coast Music 



"...the electrifying singer and songwriter Chris ‘Harry’ Doran aka Blind Uncle Harry has a new single titled that will leave you in awe! Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven is a winner!"  -Warlock Asylum Music Blog

"Blind Uncle Harry unveils a crafty delight with Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven that will keep you on the edge of your seats. The song’s upbeat vibe, stirring live instrumentation, and real-to-life lyricism make for a fun and memorable experience."

"The Song is Fun, Upbeat, and Hilarious." -Skope Magazine

"...lends itself easily to repeat listens, each time gleaming something new from the lyrics. It sounds like it would be incredibly fun in a live setting. Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven is gives off the vibe of a pub song, perfect for drunken singalongs. For anybody who is looking to forget their worries, I would suggest listening to Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven."

"In a world of political correctness it is refreshing to have an artist unashamedly embrace their authentic and honest ideology without fear of a negative backlash." Woke Chimp Music Blog

"This powerful attitude coupled with skilful songwriting and performing talent is without doubt what makes Blind Uncle Harry stand out to his fans. Known for their boisterous live performances, solos and crowd sing-along moments Blind Uncle Harry is without doubt an artist who entertains." 

               Sung With Honesty and Integrity, Blind Uncle Harry Creates a Communal Presence on the Infectious “Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven”. -Beach Sloth Music Blog

               "Rustic vibes run through Blind Uncle Harry’s joyous “Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven”. Going for something with true grit and soul, the way they let their energy pour out feels so satisfying. They simply burst forth with so much love that it becomes impossible to resist their charms. Instrumentally vibrant they incorporate so much color into the mix. Best of all though are those unfettered vocals that ring proud and true. Volume is a must for this is a piece that yearns to be felt."

"The earth is flat, the super rich are dimension travelling lizards, the nazi’s have an underground base in Antartica..or is it on the moon, I can’t remember, and Arlo Guthrie once jammed with The Foggy Mountain Boys. Okay, there isn’t much evidence for the first three but Blind Uncle Harry is certainly proof of the latter proposition. The timing might not quite work and of course there is no documented evidence but just listen to Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven and tell me that it wasn’t inspired by just such a meeting of madness and music. It’s all obvious in this blend of hippie folk fun and bluegrass hoe-downing, sing along lyrics and groove along rhythms." -Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

"Infectious ...thought-provoking and unapologetic... Here’s a great example of what it means to make music without boundaries or barriers."  -Bandcamp Diaries

"Are we not all gay, lesbian, pansexual, transgender, potsmoking, acid trippin…. Hippies?" -She Wolf (Germany)

“...rule breaking, hands waving, unapologetic blast of living life off the cuff.” -Red Carpet Living Blog

  "Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven is the ultimate affirmation of lgbtq identity and all things progressive... he's somehow expressed solidarity with every group maligned by mainstream conservatives while still being laugh out loud funny. If I could pick one track to be the theme song for the Revolution, this is it." -Whittaker Evans


"Superb instrumentation, gorgeous harmonies, and some of the best lyrics we’ve heard this year, Blind Uncle Harry will make you laugh, cry, and piss you off- often in the same song." WIUX Radio Bloomington Indiana

"Blind uncle Harry is king of the sing along" Bloomington Herald Times

"Blind Uncle Harry is a musical antidote to these politically poisonous times." Frankie Farrell, WFHB Radio

Blind Uncle Harry is the stage name for Chris 'Harry' Doran a critically acclaimed singer songwriter based in Bloomington, Indiana. He took the name Blind Uncle Harry from his actual great Uncle Harry, who was indeed blind. He was a fiddle player and sparked a life long appreciation of the power of one man and an instrument. 

Harry and his rotating band specialize in self defined hillbilly hippie shreddin' folk rock. Together they are particularly well known for their raucous live shows with audience sing alongs and extended solos. There is nothing quite like a Blind Uncle Harry performance with the audience singing and at times screaming along to "Jesus is Comin' in a Rat Turd", "Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over", "Burn Down the High School" and Indiana

Notorious for being the only performer ever banned by the Indiana University Union Board for referring to the venue operator Starbucks as Starfucks and encouraging the audience to substitute singing “Burn Down the Kelley School of Business” for “Burn Down the High School”, most reviewers use the words Americana, bluesy, funny, and occasionally, poet, in their reviews of Harry's music. He is most often compared to Billy Bragg (UK), Todd Snider (USA) and David Rovics (USA).

When playing with his band, they remind people of everyone from Arlo Guthrie jamming with Flatt & Scruggs/ Foggy Mountain Boys to Iggy Popp and the Stooges. Although, to our knowledge, none of those groups nearly caused an entire floor to collapse, as Blind Uncle Harry and his band did during a memorable performance at Bloomington's legendary 201 South Washington house show venue. So many people were jumping up and down to Rat Turd that the show below in the basement was momentarily stopped as the audience was sure the ceiling was about to cave in on top of them.

Harry's 2020 album The Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry received rave reviews, has been played on over 120 stations across the United States, charted on the NACC Folk Chart, and placed a number of songs on stations' weekly Top 20 playlists. The album's single "Hillbilly Hippie Haiku was also lauded by critics, as was Harry's 2020 holiday single "Christmas Day in Australia". It too charted on the NACC Folk Chart.

The Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry features superb bluegrass instrumentation, catchy vocal hooks and harmonies while expanding the radical wit and lyrical expression Harry is known for. Politically charged yet still irreverent, the album makes fun of pretty much everything mainstream American from the work ethic to all things conservative christian. Yet it still manages to be laugh out loud funny, especially Hillbilly Hippie Haiku HeavenD Chord Hammer DittyUh Oh (Sounds Like Somebody Pissed Off Jesus)Indiana, and It's All Fucked (Donald Trump is President).

For good reason Harry is known as the "king of the sing along", and the album does not disappoint, with live show sing along favorites Cry Me a RainbowSong for the Revolution, and Savannah Kentuckiana included. And of course it wouldn't be Blind Uncle Harry without a healthy dose of twisted love gone wrong songs Emma LynnLong Lonesome Tune, Strip Mining My Heart, Sunny Afternoon) that only he could come up with.

Blind Uncle Harry has performed solo throughout the United States, and completed his first European solo tour in 2019.


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"...Might Just be the Strangest and Most Brilliant Album to Pass your Way in a Long Time." -Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture Music Blog

"I think that the point of us being here is so that we can unify all the broken and conflicting bits of the universe through song, to attract the opposites, to drum up the primal musical forces and make them dance together in one healing ritual. If this is the case... then The Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry might just be a sort of cosmic hymn sheet. Or it might just be the strangest and most brilliant album to pass your way in a long time." 

"There is so much I loved about this album." -Matt Jensen, Divide and Conquer Music Blog 

4.1 out of 5 - TOP ALBUM

"The cocktail of emotions for one were incredible. It’s an album that is tender, warm, earnest, heartfelt and so clever and funny. ...Take for instance “D Chord Hammer Ditty” which was just genius. On top of that the instrumentations and vocals are glorious.  ...There are so many other great songs that combine fantastic wordplay and creative music. ...As the album progresses the band just crushed."

"I rarely find music that can feel this emotional yet not overly heavy. The balancing act of humor along with the more familiar emotions you hear on records rarely sounds this good. Highly recommended." 

 "Fans of upbeat bluegrass country music with a twist of anti-establishment, politically charged humour will love Blind Uncle Harry’s new album!"  -Woke Chimp Music Blog

 "Featuring strong bluegrass instrumentation coupled with vocal hooks and harmonies that will embed themselves within your subconscious for hours after a listen, this album does not disappoint." 

"Addressing politically charged topics without reverence, the lyrical content of this album will assuredly appease the hardcore Blind Uncle Harry fans who revel in his poetic rebellion against mainstream expectation." 

"Harry's Wittiness is a Joy." -Urbfash Music Blog

"He makes fun of pretty much everything mainstream American -- from the work ethic to all things conservative christian. Some call Blind Uncle Harry the "king of the sing along," and the album has plenty of opportunities for you to sing til your quarantined neighbors bang at your door"

"At a time when even the COVID-19 pandemic is being politicized, the album's sexy bluegrass instrumentation, catchy vocals and sweet harmonies provide some musical mental relief to our nation's chaos." 

"My favorite track on the album is Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven. The song plays on the strings of classic Americana music, with the finesse of folk, country, blues, and rock."

 "A Delightful Trip" -Beach Sloth Music Blog

 A warm communal spirit runs through Blind Uncle Harry’s strangely inspirational “The Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry”. The ancient rhythms and sounds of the album feel so welcoming as if they had always existed.

“Long Lonesome Tune” sets the tone for the album featuring a blissful jaunty tempo. Going for a childlike sense of wonder is “Cry Me A Rainbow” whose inclusion of so much color feels profound. On “Song For The Revolution” they offer a different view of the sadness that consumer culture inevitably brings people.

The delightful ramshackle of “Savannah Kentuckiana” explores the happiness that comes from truly embracing rural America. Incredible strings dominate the lovely “Strip Mining My Heart”. Quiet with a bit of reflection is “Sunny Afternoon”. Bringing things to a fantastic conclusion is the weirdness of the ode “It’s All Fucked”. 

"Astonishing" -Skope Magazine

"This latest single [Song for Kori] comes off the back of his astonishing album ‘The Gospel according To Blind Uncle Harry’ from last year. One of my favourite soundtracks right now, this album consists of twelve tracks that ooze a sweet, soulful sound, all whilst making me ponder the nature of our constructed lives. Blind Uncle Harry had me singing along with glee whilst contemplating the structures that surround me. For me, that is a match made in heaven."

"Innovative, especially when it comes to creating upbeat melodic textures, at times reminiscent of indie-folk acts such as Bright Eyes or The Tallest Man on Earth" -THE BANDCAMP DIARIES 

"blurs the lines between blues, Americana, gospel, and folk, going for a diverse approach. The beautiful opening track, “Long Lonesome Tune” is actually a great example of what I am talking about. In addition to that, “Sunny Afternoon” is perhaps one of my favorite tracks on the album, due to its care-free arrangement and personal vocals. This track has a 70s vibe, but it also reminds me of some 60s alt-folk music, such as earlier Bob Dylan. 

 "This is like bluegrass music that seems meant to make fun of bluegrass music" -Music Street Journal 

Savannah Kentuckiana "is a 'hoe-down Camper Van Beethoven.' I love the redneck guitar solo."



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