Matt Herman, Camden Monthly Review of Christmas Day in Australia

 “Christmas Day in Australia” is set to go down as a classic. 

Nov 2020 Blind Uncle Harry’s new single “Christmas Day in Australia” is set to go down as a classic.  The song paints a backdrop set on Christmas Day in Australia but absent of your typical shenanigans. Instead, it is a message from down under, dealing with themes of loss and longing, of new beginnings and what might have been. 

Unlike a lot of similarly conceived concept songs, Christmas Day in Australia never devolves into self-indulgent themes that would only make sense to its composer. Instead, the story of our protagonist is designed around the antithesis of lust, and though there are moments in the album that get slightly off track from the main plot, the audience is never too far from Blind Uncle Harry’s reach. 

We ask a lot of our musicians. We ask them to give us something to make us feel better when nothing will cure our depression. We ask that they serve as good role models for our children and educate them about what it means to feel something beyond what words are capable of expressing.

Music is, for anyone with any sort of depth in their soul, the most treasured art form that we have to share, and for those responsible for channeling it from whatever divine place it must come from, the pressures can become all-consuming. This is the story of “Christmas Day in Australia”, but it’s also the story of the musicians themselves.

Matt Herman

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