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Christmas Day In Australia Which Coast  

Dec 4 2020

Chris “Harry” Doran, known as Blind Uncle Harry, is a singer/songwriter from Bloomington Indiana. Borrowing his performing name from great his uncle Harry, Blind Uncle Harry and his band describe their music as “hillbilly hippie shreddin' folk rock” and they bring a one of a kind experience to each song and live show. Today we take a listen to Blind Uncle Harry’s track, “Christmas Day in Australia”. 

“Christmas Day in Australia” features an airy and natural sounding soundscape, making it a…

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Christmas Day In Australia Review by Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture 

I love the world that Blind Uncle Harry builds through the music he and his revolving door of musicians create. It reminds me of a wonky, rootsy past, one resurrected from weed, wisdom and wide-eyed wonder, one that combines the most infectious sing-alongs with some deep and meaningful…occasionally deep and meaningless…themes, a bit like the way that Monty Python would bang on about Schopenhauer and then the next moment be hitting each other with fish! It is a place where cosmic country cool is soaked in a

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Christmas Day in Australia Review by Bob Smith, Static Dive 

"he writes singalong protest comedy songs which somehow manage to be all three of those things at once."

"known for his biting wit and wise-guy wisdom" and as "a dynamic writer and performer. ..

Harry has made a name for himself writing, recording and especially performing his unique brand of folky and funny social commentary."

At a particularly poignant point in the song Harry subtly brings it back to Christmas when he points out that the rich folk, “got nuthin’ to give.”

Dec 8, 2020 Blind Uncle Harry is…

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Christmas Day In Australia Review by Warlock Asylum 

"genius leap of melodic bliss" 

"Known for his inventive charm and daring folk-rock revelry, ...Blind Uncle Harry’s creative charms seem to never end"

Dec 3 2020

Known for his inventive charm and daring folk-rock revelry, singer and songwriter Chris ‘Harry’ Doran aka Blind Uncle Harry is back with a festive tune titled Christmas Day in Australia. The last time we visited his maestro was during the review of Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven back in April of 2020. Blind Uncle Harry’s creative charms seem to

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Matt Herman, Camden Monthly Review of Christmas Day in Australia  

 “Christmas Day in Australia” is set to go down as a classic. 

Nov 2020 Blind Uncle Harry’s new single “Christmas Day in Australia” is set to go down as a classic.  The song paints a backdrop set on Christmas Day in Australia but absent of your typical shenanigans. Instead, it is a message from down under, dealing with themes of loss and longing, of new beginnings and what might have been. 

Unlike a lot of similarly conceived concept songs, Christmas Day in Australia never devolves into self-indulgent…

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More Reviews of Christmas Day In Australia 


Our featured single, ‘Christmas Day in Australia’ by Blind Uncle Harry, is out now and available on YouTube! The single lasts four minutes and twenty-eight seconds and sits at a steady 106bpm. The track commences with a twenty-one second instrumental introduction that combines a didgeridoo with an acoustic guitar progression; setting the tone for the instigation of the proceeding verse.  

The vocal color is stylistic and…

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She Wolf (Germany) Review of Christmas Day In Australia  

...musically impeccable. One such example is the song Christmas Day In Australia

once again captivates with musical skill and melodic harmony

unfolds its effect far away from any sterility.

Conclusion 8 out of 10: Excellent Christmas song, which is actually not that typical for Christmas

The Christmas season has found its harmony and despite all the restrictions, let's try to make the best of this time, at least the ones that make this commercial event of hypocrisy. Of course,

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Christmas Day in Australia Review by Beach Sloth 

a heartfelt piece of outsider pop... feels ever so vital and vibrant.

it all neatly comes together in a wonderful stream of consciousness, one that becomes nearly bursting with so much passion.

With “Christmas Day in Australia” Blind Uncle Harry crafts a unique perspective on the celebration of Christmas in a delightfully off-kilter sort of way. 

Dec 2020 Blind Uncle Harry delivers a heartfelt piece of outsider pop with the gentle disposition of “Christmas Day in Australia”. Their charms are irresistible

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Sam Reed, Indie Band Guru, Review of Christmas Day In Australia  

Blind Uncle Harry taps into that wild sensation with his version of a holiday hit, “Christmas Day In Australia.” 

...Known for telling a great tale and usually a damn catchy one, Harry has pinned down a unique niche for himself.

It’s safe to say that you can never truly know what’s coming next from Blind Uncle Harry, and that’s part of the undeniable charm."


Dec 7, 2020 As someone who spent half a year abroad in Australia I can personally attest…

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Christmas Day In Australia Review by Shari Hirsch, Ratings Game Music 

"Blind Uncle Harry gifts us with a song that Santa will absolutely love." 

"definitely shows off the chill, bluegrass, hippie-esque formula that [Harry] seems to be known for." 

"This folksy untraditional Christmas song is the perfect heartfelt alternative to the customary holiday classics."

"unique, clever, and funny."

Blind Uncle Harry is a singer/songwriter from Indiana whose stage name is a tribute to his great-uncle Harry who was a blind fiddle player. Harry and his band describe themselves as…

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Beach Sloth Review Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven 

simply burst forth with so much love that it becomes impossible to resist their charms.

Best of all though are those unfettered vocals that ring proud and true.

Volume is a must for this is a piece that yearns to be felt. 

April 2020 Rustic vibes run through Blind Uncle Harry’s joyous “Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven”. Going for something with true grit and soul, the way they let their energy pour out feels so satisfying. Everything about it recalls Henry Flynt’s incredible celebratory work. From the fiddles…

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