Christmas Day In Australia Which Coast

Dec 4 2020

Chris “Harry” Doran, known as Blind Uncle Harry, is a singer/songwriter from Bloomington Indiana. Borrowing his performing name from great his uncle Harry, Blind Uncle Harry and his band describe their music as “hillbilly hippie shreddin' folk rock” and they bring a one of a kind experience to each song and live show. Today we take a listen to Blind Uncle Harry’s track, “Christmas Day in Australia”. 

“Christmas Day in Australia” features an airy and natural sounding soundscape, making it a truly pleasant song to listen to; the song opens with a didgeridoo which immediately caught my attention and helped set up the Australia-related themes. The track features male and female vocal harmonies that really take center stage in an attention catching way, powering the song’s heart. Lyrically, “Christmas Day in Australia” describes Christmas in Australia and at the surface, the track seems to be as light and airy as the instrumental, though there are multiple layers at play and the lyrics feature some heavier undertones. I really enjoyed the overall pleasant but bittersweet feeling this song left me with. 

Blind Uncle Harry is the kind of music experience that you are not going to come across every day. Through “Christmas Day in Australia”, we get just one taste of the artistry and musicianship that Chris “Harry” Doran and his band have become known for and if you are anything like me, you will want to hear more music from this project.

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