Christmas Day In Australia Review by Warlock Asylum

"genius leap of melodic bliss" 

"Known for his inventive charm and daring folk-rock revelry, ...Blind Uncle Harry’s creative charms seem to never end"

Dec 3 2020

Known for his inventive charm and daring folk-rock revelry, singer and songwriter Chris ‘Harry’ Doran aka Blind Uncle Harry is back with a festive tune titled Christmas Day in Australia. The last time we visited his maestro was during the review of Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven back in April of 2020. Blind Uncle Harry’s creative charms seem to never end and just in time for holiday cheer, he makes another genius leap of melodic bliss with this Christmas release. 

Christmas Day in Australia is not your typical season greeting. The song begins in complete unorthodox Xmas fashion with the brisk sounds of the Australian aboriginal instrument didgeridoo. This certainly sets a not of distinction for what is to follow. Blind Uncle Harry puts together a wonderful array of acoustic and tribal sounds at mid-tempo that breeds a living room experience. The atmosphere is further enhanced by Blind Uncle Harry’s campfire vocals, which certainly adds a tremendous amount of warmth to the production. Not only is Christmas Day In America an inventive effort, but for a wide majority of the population that has been locked away in 2020’s pandemic, it is a way to travel across the world and finally let go of all that is useless. Blind Uncle Harry concludes this holiday salute in the same manner that it began -with the didgeridoo, and that’s how it should be.

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