EXCESS MAGAZINE (Germany) Review of Burn Down The High School

10 out of 10: Fantastic work by the King Of Folk (Rock)

Aug 16 2022 In the past two years, the talented American artist, singer and songwriter Blind Uccle Harry has caused enthusiasm and at least recognition in this country with his music. First appearing on the album The Gospel According To Blind Uccle Harry, this artist's music has struck a chord with many of his peers and music fans of the handmade singer/songwriter art. This album brought Blind Uncle Harry attention for the first time in German-speaking countries, an attention he deserves, as his latest work Burn Down The High School proves: because when it comes to official, handmade music , Blind Uncle Harry is definitely a jackpot! Who can not only conjure up melodies that stick in your ear, but can also convince vocally and in terms of content with ease and he proves this again with this single! 

With a mixture of folk and progressive variety, Blind Uncle Harry convinces again and shows with his usual playing ability and songwriting and vocal talent that he is a musical main prize. Slowly and moderately introductory and then captivating with a Rock 'N' Roll flair from the verse onwards, Blind Uncle Harry once again shows his versatile side and comes around the corner with a sound that appears on the one hand indie and on the other hand retro, but definitely not dusty. With musical finesse and subtlety, Blind shows Uncle Harry, who was born Chris "Harry" Doran and lives in Indiana. A light DNA of the rock music of the wild 1970s shimmers through in the sound of Burn Down The High School and thus gives the already mentioned retro flair to the best. Blind Uncle Harry shows his fantastic talent and the bonus on top of that is the fantastic, humorous retinal stimulation of the video, which is just as brilliantly implemented as the music itself. 

Conclusion 10 out of 10: Fantastic work by the King Of Folk (Rock) Blind Uncle Harry


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