Jennifer Stone, Daily Music Roll Review of Burn Down The High School

"Blind Uncle Harry is Stealing the Show with his extremely compelling track 'Burn Down the High School'"

"spellbinding musical formations"

"His witty trait is utterly infectious... The entire video is a treat to watch."

Aug 10, 2022 The gifted musician Blind Uncle Harry has delivered some extremely gripping narrations in his recently released number ‘Burn Down The High School’.

Being extremely talented Blind Uncle Harry has introduced some innovative ways of fitting in some witty and entertaining factors in his songs. Based out of Bloomington, Indiana Harry has always found his peace with music. Apart from being a musician and he is a recording artist and an excellent songwriter. His recent release ‘Burn Down The High School’ has some uplifting humorous diction and spellbinding musical formations. He has incorporated some motivating soundscapes and also has delivered some quirky accents through his numbers. Chris ‘Harry’ Doran’s 2020 album ‘The Gospel’ was a great hit and has its place on NACC Folk Chart.

The song starts with the most intriguing disclaimer which states “This song does not advocate burning down a high school”. His witty trait is utterly infectious, after the disclaimer, you will witness an animated video with cut out of their faces. The entire video is a treat to watch. And there are also some clips of their performing the song, which resonate with a classic John Carney movie. Blind Uncle Harry has offered songs like ‘I Just Want You To Know’, ‘American Way 04’, ‘Song For Kori’, ‘Dopesmokers of the World’, ‘Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven’, and ‘Burn Down The High School’.

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