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I Just Want You To Know Review by Beach Sloth 

A mixture of Woody Guthrie and Beat Happening, Blind Uncle Harry creates a soulful sound on “I Just Want You To Know”. -BEACH SLOTH 

Blind Uncle Harry sings straight from the heart in the folk punk musings of “I Just Want You To Know”. The intimacy features prominently throughout the whole of the piece. Everything has a dignity to it. Rhythms take their time, always making sure mood is of the essence. Allowing the many layers to intermingle there…

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I Just Want You To Know Sleeping Bag Studios 

Blind Uncle Harry – “I Just Want You To Know” – Single Review 

I ended up stumbling onto this dude’s music sometime around the start of summer last year through a really unique experience in reviewing Blind Uncle Harry’s single called “Song For Kori.”  It’s tough to explain all of what I found in listening to that tune in a quick intro here…but suffice it to say, it was one of those moments I certainly didn’t forget.  Being memorable doesn’t equate to having the world’s best song of all-time…there are…

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I Just Want You To Know Excess Magazine 

"a fantastic mixture of indie pop and folk rock"

Blind Uncle Harry ist mit seiner neuen Single und dem dazugehörigen Video I Just Want You To Know zurück! Der us-amerikanische Künstler, welcher seit je und eh mit seiner Kunst eine fantastische Melange aus Indie Pop- beziehungsweise Folk Rock präsentiert, kritisiert hier in dieser neuen Single unter anderem die Ignoranz der Menschen und dem Konsum-, sowie das Streben nach Macht und Geld und kommt dabei nicht selten unzufrieden über die politische Lage in den…

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I Just Want You To Know Review by Jennifer Stone, Daily Music Roll  

"Sought-after folk-rock singer Blind Uncle Harry is rocking the scene of the music industry with his new single ‘I Just Want You To Know’ which brings a cosmic amalgamation of sharp vocals and electrifying drumbeats."

The Indiana Folk-rock artist from Bloomington is famous for his raucous live shows with audience sing-alongs and extended solos. The artist is defining a new journey of folk-rock music with several amazing contributions like ‘American Way’, ‘Song For Kori’, ‘Dopesmokers of the World Unite and

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I Just Want You To Know Review by Streamline Music 

Blind Uncle Harry, once again, knocks down the walls of conformity and challenges the herd like mentality with “I Just Want You to Know”.

compelling... bluntly tackling certain norms and aspects of American society that many people perceive as true American values; however, Harry shines a light on their detriment and eschews them…

Harry can also be characterized as “the real McCoy” as he pens songs which come straight from the heart, unfiltered and not watered down in any sense. Whether he’s singing on

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I Just Want You To Know Review by Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture 

"a lilting rootsy tune shot through with spiraling fiddles, slices of choppy guitar and heavenly harmonies."

"same old raggady brilliance. You can always count on Harry."

March 12, 2022 Blind Uncle Harry might come across as that guy at the end of the bar, always spouting on about conspiracy theories and what the government is really up to. The guy that most of the denizens of this watering whole accept with good grace but whisper about behind his back. 

But, if you were to spend any time listening to what…

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BANDCAMP DIARIES I Just Want You To Know  

"This excellent studio work combines elements of rock, Americana and alt-country with a one-of-a-kind sound, similar in style to artists such as Neil Young, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt, but with a whole unique personality that transpires through the music."

"The song also has some political overtone, with a powerful message that is perhaps as relevant as ever, given the crazy state in which the world is seemingly free-falling into these days."

"Musically, the song is catchy and upbeat, with

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I Just Want You To Know Review by Warlock Asylum 

"I Just Want You To Know by Blind Uncle Harry is the right message for a failing America."

"layered with an organic landscape of instrumentation, including crisp drums, live fiddle, and a chunky taste of electric guitar

March 16, 2022: The multi-talented Chris ‘Harry’ Doran aka Blind Uncle Harry returns to the music world with a new single titled “I Just Want You To Know”. Based out of Bloomington, Indiana – the talented singer and songwriter is greatly known for his avant-garde approach to recording and…

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I Just Want You To Know Review by Thomas Bedward, Broken 8 Records (Australia) 

"Hitting with vitality and a raw, expressive style, Harry has been winning over hearts and minds all across the globe, and it’s all thanks to tracks like ‘I Just Want You To Know’."

"a bold blend of sharp, evocative vocals, powerful percussion, and cascading rhythms. Built to last with a maelstrom of iconic Americana sounds, the new single is filled with pride, joy, and authenticity, delivering a homegrown anthem that boldly wears its heart on its sleeve."

"Blind Uncle Harry has never failed to inspire or

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I Just Want You To Know Which Coast 

"I must say, Blind Uncle Harry is doing some great things with his music."

"he never disappoints and “I Just Want You To Know” is another spectacular addition to this artist’s brilliant catalog."

Blind Uncle Harry - I Just Want You To Know

March 14, 2022: Chris “Harry” Doran, known by his artist name Blind Uncle Harry, is a singer/songwriter from Bloomington Indiana. Blind Uncle Harry is a common topic here at Which Coast and we have covered many of his songs including “Christmas Day in Australia”…

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I Just Want You To Know Review by Sasha Lauryn, Skope Magazine 

"A sensational, folk-infused single"

"Listening to this track is akin to taking a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down."

"This is an artist that truly has something to say, and, boy, does he say it well."

 "What always amazes me when I get into the details of a Blind Uncle Harry track is the unwavering truth that resides in his lyrics."

Blind Uncle Harry Gets Real In Single ‘I Just Want You To Know’ 

by Skope • March 13, 2022

‘Hillbilly Hippie Shreddin’ Folk Rock’. That’s how Blind Uncle…

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