I Just Want You To Know Review by Beach Sloth

A mixture of Woody Guthrie and Beat Happening, Blind Uncle Harry creates a soulful sound on “I Just Want You To Know”. -BEACH SLOTH 


Blind Uncle Harry sings straight from the heart in the folk punk musings of “I Just Want You To Know”. The intimacy features prominently throughout the whole of the piece. Everything has a dignity to it. Rhythms take their time, always making sure mood is of the essence. Allowing the many layers to intermingle there is a rawness to the overall approach one that feels quite majestic to behold in full. Guitars have a lightness to them for they have a woven quality to them. Grooves have a distinct early 90s indie rock quality. 

Right from the beginning they let a lot of hope into the equation. With the whole of the work there is a peace that radiates over the course of the entire thing. The intermingle of the work has a brilliance to it. Everything about the song has a soothing quality to it. Detail here matters for the word choice has a prettiness to it. Everything about the sound unfurls in a way that adds to its casual quality. By keeping things rather loose there is a power to it, one where the vocalists have a conversational aspect. Such a large sound they maintain a nice amount of light within the whole of the track, one virtually dripping with so much color. For the final stretch it all comes together in a fantastic way. 


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