Excess Magazine (Germany) Review of VISUALIZE INDUSTRIAL COLLAPSE

“undoubtedly one of the best songwriters in the current indie market." 

"10 out of 10... Here is a master at work."

30/10/22 Blind Uncle Harry is undoubtedly one of the best songwriters in the current indie market. First gaining a foothold in Germany two years ago with the cheerful intermezzo The Gospel according to Blind Uncle Harry, the artist is now back with his new work Visualize Industrial Collapse, which is due to see the light of day at the end of November. Already convinced a few months ago with the above embedded video Burn Down The Highschool, the accompanying album is now seeing the light of day. 

With Visualize Industrial Collapse, Blind Uncle Harry is expanding his discography with another album that, despite all its musical seriousness, doesn't take itself too seriously in terms of content, which the already released single Burn Down The Highschool wonderfully proves. Known as Chris "Harry" Doran, the critically acclaimed artist is native of Bloomington Indiana. With a total of twelve titles, Blind Uncle Harry once again proves what he's capable of and proves with musical sophistry and compositional talent that he is an inveterate musician whose abilities always have high standards. The songs are catchy and not only stand out for their musical skills, but also for the fact that they were produced technically flawlessly. As a master of satire, Blind Uncle Harry often writes songs that don't take themselves too seriously, but even if these are to be understood with a clear wink, there is also a core of truth to Blind Uncle Harry's music. 

Friends of handmade acoustic art should definitely listen to Visualize Industrial Collapse on 11/18/2022. Here is a master at work 

Conclusion 10 out of 10: This is still music, honest and handmade!


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