Go Fuck Yourself Mike Pence


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Mike Pence. The only good thing about Trump picking Mike Pence as his running mate is the rest of the country can now see what a slimy piece of shit he is. Pence's last foray into the national spotlight was for his outspoken support for the Indiana Religious Freedom Bill which legalized businesses to refuse service to gays lesbians and trans people based on 'religious beliefs'. We said it then, and we say it now: 


The loud proud Republic of Bloomington is NOT like the rest of Indiana. We are not the wretched assholes who voted for Pence or the bigoted legislators who support him and his 1950's fucked up Christian agenda.

In dishonor of Mike Pence, we've re-named our upcoming single "Go Fuck Yourself Mike Pence". Better known as "Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven", it's our hymn to the tolerance and openness of Bloomington. 


I am a gay lesbian bisexual transgender

pot smokin' acid trippin' tree huggin' illegal immigrant

lazy black welfare mother job avoiding anarchist

ANTI-CAPITALIST!!! lazy hippie hillbilly

I'm an Atheist Muslim Hindu Buddhist Wicca

Agnostic Pagan true believer, uh huh...

Here in Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven

Don't you know that I fit in oh so well

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