Blind Uncle Harry Releases Official Video for Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over

 Inspired by the Beach Boys' live jam session recording of Barbara Ann while allegedly on acid, Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over sounds like a bunch of stoners having one hell of a good time. Even better, it's a sing along, and even better than that, it's clearly meant to be sung along to while stoned. Not that you have to be baked to enjoy it. As one reviewer put it, it sure does 'make you want to clap and sing along'. And I'm pretty sure she was sober :)  

Dopesmokers is also one of the songs that got Blind Uncle Harry banned by the Indiana University Union Board at a Live from Bloomington performance. That, and suggesting the audience could substitute singing 'Burn down the Kelley School of Business' instead of singing 'Burn Down the High School'. 

     Dopesmokers is a stoner's anthem, but with a message- if everyone smoked weed there would be no more wars, there would be no more Wall Street, and life would be one big giggle fest. Well, maybe, but singing along and bopping your head to it will definitely brighten whatever   kind of shitty day you happen to be having. 

"Cuz everything/ That's destroying the world
Is impossible to do/ When you're stoned
You can't operate/ Heavy machinery

When you're stoned"


                  DOPESMOKERS OF THE WORLD                    UNITE AND TAKE OVER
by Blind Uncle Harry

Dopesmokers of the world
Unite and take over 
This world is too violent 
Everybody needs to chill the fuck out (x2)
Dopesmokers of the world unite and take over 

If we were in charge, there would be no more wars (x2) 
Dopesmokers of the world unite and take over 

Well the stock market, it would crash 
Followed by, industrial collapse 
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah 

Cuz everything that's destroying the world 
Is impossible to do when you’re stoned 
You can’t operate heavy machinery when you’re stoned 
So dopesmokers of the world unite & take over (x 4)
Can you tell me why, it’s illegal?
I like to get high, it makes me giggle 
You look like you could use a giggle too 

So hey Barack, Barack Obama
Let’s smoke a joint, some marijuana 
Life won’t seem so complex 
You’ll forget all about who to put
On your secret drone kill list next (x2)

Cuz when you’re stoned
You just want to sing a silly song 
So everybody, won’t you sing along 

La la la, la la la, la de da 
La la la, la la la/ la la la/ la la la
La la la, la la la, la de da 

So dope smokers of the world unite & take over (x4)

Song Credits: Blind Uncle Harry: guitar and vocals; Joseph Dreamboat Klatt: banjo, djembe, group vocals; Nick Wildcard Harley: violin, bass, and group vocals; Austin Boom Boom Davis: 2nd guitar; Peter Eye Candy Doyle: mandolin and group vocals; Alex(andria) of Egypt Burgan: group vocals; Sven Sveninator Carlsgaard: group vocals; Shelby Jo the Blonde Diva Everett: group vocals






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