Blind Uncle Harry Announces West Coat Tour

We are gonna Hillbilly Hippie Haiku the fuck out of the West Coast! First show is two weeks from tomorrow, July 14 at the Checkerboard in Spokane Washington. Diiiiiiiiiiiiiive Bar :)

Blind Uncle Harry's Top Ten Weed Songs

 Hey, here’s my top ten songs about weed (pot/ ganja/ marijuana/ dope/ corncobbage/ 420/ etc). Criteria is the song has to be about being or getting high. While they are all great songs, they are not necessarily my top

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Blind Uncle Harry Interview Live on WIUX

Hey here's the WIUX (Indiana University's awesome college radio station) interview session we did last week with Colin Thomas that ran live on Feb 2. You may have trouble recognizing Bryce without enormous blonde hair and his cape. 

Click on…

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Blind Uncle Harry Banned by IU Union Board


     Blind Uncle Harry is, to the best of our knowledge, the first group to ever have been banned by the Indiana University Union Board from ever performing again. The Union Board is a student organization that facilitates concerts movies etc

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Blind Uncle Harry Featured on WFHB's Local Live

Hey just posted the link for our WFHB Local Live show from Nov 12. Link doesn't include me saying SHIT on live radio which is, according to the FCC, umm, bad. Thanks to Jar Turner for the panoramic shots and

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Fight of the Folks- We Got Runner Up!

     Hey, thanks everyone who came out to Fight of the Folks on Friday at Rachael's. We came in runner up! To Ghost Mice. Ghost Mice were awesome! We also played at the Rocktober Festival on Saturday at Hippie Hill Tennessee. 

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