Blind Uncle Harry's Top Ten Weed Songs

 Hey, here’s my top ten songs about weed (pot/ ganja/ marijuana/ dope/ corncobbage/ 420/ etc). Criteria is the song has to be about being or getting high. While they are all great songs, they are not necessarily my top 10 songs to listen to while stoned :)

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10.Reefer Man: Cab Calloway

A 1933 classic from the great Cab Calloway. I know it's a cliche, but in this case really truly they don't write them like this any more: 
     "If he trades you dimes for nickels/ 
       And calls watermelon's pickles/ 
       Then you know/ 
       You're talkin' to that reefer man"




9. Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35: Bob Dylan 

Never mind whether or not it’s directly about getting baked. “Everybody must get stoned. All Right!”. End of story.






8.Roll Another Number: Neil Young

For those of us fortunate to have experienced watching the sunrise climb up over our hood ornament, this one’s for us. From Neil Young's 1975 album “Tonight’s the Night”: “It's too dark to put the keys in my ignition. 
And the mornin' sun is yet to climb my hood ornament… Think I'll roll another number for the road”



7.Smoke Two Joints: Sublime

Originally by the Toyes, Sublime’s version has an added Reefer Madness-esque intro and a bubbling bong. 
     "I smoke two joints in times of peace,
      And two in times of war
      I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints, 
      And then I smoke two more"




6.Addicted: Amy Winehouse 

Next time somebody bogarts your weed, sit their ass down and make them listen to this song, and the lyrics. Starting with these:
      "Tell your boyfriend next time he around, 
       To buy his own weed and don't wear my shit down
       I wouldn't care if he would give me some more, 
       I'd rather him leave you than leave him my dro"


5.Burpanomics: Tracey Trance 

If you’ve never been just burpin’ it with Tracey Trance, now’s your chance. This breaks my rule that the song has to be about smoking weed and not necessarily be a great song to listen to while baked. It's possible to listen to this without being corncobbed, but frankly I don't see the point. Ditto for what is one of my all time favorite videos that accompanies the song. I've had this riff stuck in my head now for weeks and i can't help but spontaneously grin like an idiot whenever it pops up in my head. May all of you one day experience the wonders of Transylvania! 


4.Getting High for JesusHolly Golightly & the Brokeoffs

Also one of my top 10 Jesus songs. This is great, but it's not my favorite version of this song. My favorite is the cover our very own Joseph Dreamboat Klatt does, which alas I don’t have a copy of because the skinny jeans wearing motherfucker hasn't bothered to record one yet. 
      "I'm getting high for Jesus/Cause he got so low for me...
       Gonna do it all for Jesus/'Till I ain't got no more dope"


3.Champagne and Reefer: Muddy Waters 

The late great Muddy Waters. You think you’ve got guts? Think about Muddy Waters singing this song in the 60’s and 70’s. Or just listen to the song, which is elevated from great to ultra classic by Little Walter’s wailing harmonica that solos throughout. 
      “You know, shouldn’t be no law/
      if people wanna smoke a little dope
      You know it’s good for your health, 
      and relaxes your body don’t you know"


 2. I Like Marijuana: David Peel

From 1968, recorded live on the counter culture streets in the heart of New York's Lower East Side. David Peel’s sing along style reminds some of Blind Uncle Harry and the Ferals. But hey I may not be able to sing like the diva but I can sing better than David Peel! Title pretty much conveys the song’s lyrics.





1.Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over: Blind Uncle Harry

Along with Rat Turd, probably our best loved and most requested song. Lots of stories, including the mass bonfire sing along we just had at the 2015 Rainbow Gathering aka Hippy Fest 2015. But my favorite is the time I opened with it at a very quiet coffee shop and upon hearing the opening lines a woman laughed so hard that she snorted a double shot latte out her nose.
Best stoner lyrics: “la la la, la la la, la de dah”/ la la la, la la la/ oh la la la, la la la, la la la, la la la, la de dah”.


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