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Song For Kori Review by Just Fame  

“Song For Kori” is a stunning folk song with amazing lyrics

May 28 2021

Just Fame is today featuring the new single by Singer/Songwriter and Band Collective Blind Uncle Harry. The single is titled “Song For Kori.” It is a stunning folk song with amazing lyrics by the artist. The guitar work is subtle yet effective in this single. The storytelling definitely is a unique aspect of Blind Uncle Harry’s music.…

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Song For Kori Review by Shari Kirsch, Rating Game Music  

"A folktale that reflects the dark side of American values."

“...a searing indictment of American values, "where a man is worth more to his daughter/dead than alive,” this track is a stripped-down direct depiction of the grand values of the USA accompanied by an acoustic guitar." 

"A continuous theme for Blind Uncle Harry is to tell hard truths without sugarcoating"

RGM RATING: 4 out of 5

Blind Uncle Harry Is Back With “Song For Kori,” a Twisted Tale of Personal Worth

A folktale that reflects the dark side…

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Song For Kori Review by Artists Central  

Blind Uncle Harry pours out his soul on folk single "Song For Kori"

"A fable about the intricate moments of life, the struggles, the trials, the tribulations and the victories. Overall Uncle Harry has proved that simplicity is often the victor when it comes to songs from the heart and all the talking can be done with a voice and lone instrument." 

"A startling offering indeed."

May 27, 2021 Blind Uncle Harry pours out his soul on folk single "Song For Kori"

There is something special about acoustic songs…

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Song For Kori Excess Magazine 

"Blind Uncle Harry has once again proven himself to be a songwriting genius with this title."

"With several releases, Blind Uncle Harry was able to convince several times and rightly has a sworn fan base behind him. One of those highlights that complete his discography is the brilliant album The Gospel According To Blind Uncle Harry. But today it's about the story of Kori, who Blind Uncle Harry with nothing more than his high-pitched guitar arpeggio and his beguiling voice, which spreads brilliantly and

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Song For Kori Review by Sleeping Bag Studios 

"He echoes the folk-singers of old, way back when before everything had to be all slicked out with top-shelf studio production…when the natural sound of a guitar still held its true magic with the masses. 

By the time he hits this single’s main conclusion, it lands with the resounding thump of the weight of its message, delivered by the most delicate means, but hard hitting all the same."

Because at the heart of it all, you’ll find this is one spectacularly sweet, and exquisitely twisted tale. 

Blind Uncle

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Song For Kori Review by Which Coast  

"The way in which Blind Uncle Harry captures the complex emotions of such a tragic tale in this song is something magnificent - and tragic."

Blind Uncle Harry provides a one of a kind listening experience with each and every song and “Song For Kori” is a standout example; …subdued and heart-wrenching.

May 29, 2021 Chris “Harry” Doran, known by his artist name Blind Uncle Harry, is a singer/songwriter from Bloomington Indiana. We have previously covered two of Blind Uncle Harry’s songs, “Christmas Day in…

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Song For Kori andreacaccese 

"He is a gifted lyricist, and a beautiful example of what it means to make music with passion and focus, taking his audience on a musical journey." 

"Highly recommended if you are a fan of artists such as Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan or Steve Earle, only to mention a few!"

Blind Uncle Harry is back on the scene with a stunning new release: Song for Kori 

May 2021 - Artist and songwriter Blind Uncle Harry has built a distinctive style by combining a wide variety of genres and influences. From the depth of folk…

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Song For Kori StepKid 

"this jam is an instant indie classic."

"It’s reassuring to know that indie music like this is still being made."

"Featuring a full, rich lyrical narrative, Song For Kori is music for the open road. The sound has recognizably 1960′s vibe. It reminds me a lot of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. ...Song For Kori manages to capture a kind of essence within the American zeitgeist." 

May 29, 2021 Song For Kori is a new single from Indiana-based singer-songwriter and band collective, Blind Uncle Harry. With…

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Song For Kori Review by Sasha Lauryn, Skope Magazine 

Blind Uncle Harry Speaks The Truth In Stunning Single ‘Song For Kori’ 

"another single set to tug at our heartstrings.

"This latest single comes off the back of his astonishing album ‘The Gospel according To Blind Uncle Harry’ from last year." 

"If being an artist truly is having something to say and saying it with style, then Blind Uncle Harry, in every dissection of the word, is an artist."


by Skope • May 31, 2021

Blind Uncle Harry is back with another single set to tug at our heartstrings this month.

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