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American Way Review by African Hype  

"a magnificent acoustic folk/blues guitar-solo creation that infects the airways with its vast palette of creative harmonies and instrumental narrative."

"Thematically, the song tells the story of how we are conditioned to adhere to societal ideals"

"succeeds in leaving a lasting impression and necessitates repeated listens."

Indulge in the Best Folk-Rock Musical Streak With Blind Uncle Harry New Single “American Way”

The ideal place to forget oneself is in the midst of a lovely musical setting that has…

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American Way Review by Beach Sloth  

Blind Uncle Harry embodies pure Americana with the sharp-tongued “American Way”.

"shows off exactly the powerlessness that so many Americans are feeling in this very moment."

"a message that lingers in the mind long after the song has ended."

Blind Uncle Harry embodies pure Americana with the sharp-tongued “American Way”. With humor that touches upon Randy Newman’s sly lyricism it underpins the entirety of the work. Verses here have an insightful take, one that shows off exactly the powerlessness that so

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American Way Review by Which Coast  

"If you have been following our articles on Blind Uncle Harry over the past year or so then it will come as no surprise that “American Way” is yet another excellent track from this talented and interesting artist."

"'American Way' is yet another authentic slice of Americana - fitting considering the track’s title - from the ever-talented Blind Uncle Harry."

"Even tackling a serious topic like this one, it is easy to tell just how much fun Blind Uncle Harry has while creating the music he releases and that

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American Way Review by Excess Magazine (Germany) 

"The American musician Blind Uncle Harry has stood for musical quality for some time and presents one fantastic work after the other from his pen."

"Here, in a sarcastic and at the same time serious way, the coercion of social structures in America is sworn off. …Again with fantastic vocals, this Americana Folk Song is a clear rejection of the system of coercion. …sticks directly in the mind of the listener.

Conclusion 8 out of 10: Blind Uncle Harry is convincing every time! For those who are fed up with

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This exciting new release captures the sound and feel of Americana, and it feels like a perfect representation of what Blind Uncle Harry is all about: a true storyteller with a passion for the classic sounds of America’s most iconic music."

"an invitation for the audience to step in and think a bit deeper about life." 

"You should definitely listen to American Way by Blind Uncle Harry if you enjoy the work of artists such as Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, and Steve Earle, only to mention but a few."


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American Way Review by Celebrity Land  

 This talented music artist is churning out the authentic essence of folk-rock music with his amazing compositions of guitar and indulgent singing style. The latest track ‘American Way’ is the greatest example of his creative voice against the dystopian reality.

The artist could be seen performing with an acoustic guitar, strumming his heart out on the official music video. Playful chords are played on the American flag-drawn guitar while the lyrics pop in the red background. Perfectly justifying the title

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American Way Review by Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture 

American Way is classic sonic satire, a reminder that the American Dream is, for some, a living nightmare.

Blind Uncle Harry is a sonic subversive

Not that there is anything wrong with saluting the flag, honouring people’s sacrifice, being proud of your country or owning a pick-up truck, a gun and a big hat. But there has to be something to balance that good ole boy, truck driving, leaders of the free world sentiment. Hasn’t there?  

Well, now there is. Now we have Blind Uncle Harry.

Blind Uncle Harry is a

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American Way Review by Sasha Lauryn, Skope Magazine 

"This single comes off the back of his previous release ‘Song For Kori’ — a delicate depiction of an unjust and broken system and its harrowing consequences." 

The thick blanket of sarcasm makes lines such as “don’t you worry baby it’ll be okay… don’t you worry it’s the American way” all the more fun to belt along with." 

"Blind Uncle Harry has the most astounding ability to pen songs that’ll have you moving and shaking whilst questioning the structures that surround you." 

" it’s an absolute anthem. His

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American Way Review by Planet Singer Magazine 

Blind Uncle Harry is back with another excellent single, “American Way!” October 8, 2021

"American Way" is one of those songs you fall in love with just after the first play! 

"There are many artists that can be defined as unique and engaging, but no one can steal the listener’s attention, like Blind Uncle Harry. Gifted with incredible songwriting skills, this excellent musician and recording artists stands out thanks to his brilliant compositions, witty sense of humor, and lyrics that carry a strong

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