Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven Dave Franklin Dancing About Architecture

The earth is flat, the super rich are dimension travelling lizards, the nazi’s have an underground base in Antartica..or is it on the moon, I can’t remember, and Arlo Guthrie once jammed with The Foggy Mountain Boys. Okay, there isn’t much evidence for the first three but Blind Uncle Harry is certainly proof of the latter proposition. The timing might not quite work and of course there is no documented evidence but just listen to Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven and tell me that it wasn’t inspired by just such a meeting of madness and music. It’s all obvious in this blend of hippie folk fun and bluegrass hoe-downing, sing along lyrics and groove along rhythms. 

Okay, its a theory I am happy to abandon, especially as Blind Uncle Harry is a well established artist with a penchant for songs which blend wit and wisdom, faith and frivolity, prose and…something else beginning with p. sorry, I’m not as good at this alliteration as I thought, and I would hate to suggest that he is anything other than wholly original. 

Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven nods to Dylan, the spirit of Woodstock –  the festival, Haight-Asbury, The Grand Ole Opry, non-conformity and non-stop partying, under the counter culture, the spirit of Woodstock –  the Peanuts character and dancing in the back of convertibles. What more could you possibly need?


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