Dopesmokers Of The World Unite And Take Over Review by Sam Reed, Indie Band Guru

"you’re going to find yourself grooving along to this song"

Indie Band Guru is no stranger to the strange ways of Blind Uncle Harry. He took us from his roots in Bloomington, Indiana all the way down under to “Christmas Day in Australia” this winter. Now he’s here with another international message with his latest single “Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over.” 

Known for his hilbilly shreddin’ folk rock sound, Blind Uncle Harry has an arsenal of tricks up his sleeve to keep his music unique and fresh. Utilizing a rotating arrangement of band members to compliment every song and make it shine in it’s own, quirky way.

And this track is exactly about what you’d imagine, weed. Nothing much deeper than that but it will definitely make you chuckle. Between the silly lyrics like “Can you tell me why it’s illegal? I like to get high, it makes me giggle.” and the damningly entertaining music video you’re going to find yourself grooving along to this song

Many of the comments on YouTube are all from people who appear to love smoking weed so it leads me to believe that Blind Uncle Harry really is uniting all of the dopesmokers of the world with this track. If you’re here for something deep, this isn’t your song. But if you’re here for some laughs and a good time, I suggest checking it out. 

Blind Uncle Harry is a bit of an enigma. You just never know what he’s going to come up with next. Be sure to keep up the wild ride.

Sam Reed

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