BEACH SLOTH Review of Burn Down The High School

"Undeniably joyous... features a gorgeous sound, one both intimate and raw"

         Aug 2022 Blind Uncle Harry dives headfirst into an acid fried story with “Burn Down The High School”. Harboring a gleeful rebellious streak, the song stuns thanks in large part to its blunt lyricism. The word choice here guides the song along. Verses are chosen with the utmost of care for they make sure to hold nothing back. Instrumentally they keep things relatively simple to make sure that the main focal point is on the narrative that takes its time in unspooling. His voice has a strength to it and the backup singers further sell the story making it undeniably joyous. 

              Right from the beginning they set the tone rather quickly. From the low-key open the song grows and expands. Always with the right degree of restraint at least instrumentally, the track does a fantastic job in highlighting the sheer absurdity of the lyricism. Lines devoted to no longer having to worry about math roll on through for the delivery has a deadpan quality to it. Balance here reigns supreme for there is strong attention to detail throughout. The sense of freedom, of rising above the expected, add to the giddiness of the piece. Drums have a ramshackle rhythm, bringing together lo-fi rock, folk, and a hint of punk for good measure. For the final stretch the punchline emerges and hits with that oh so perfect cadence. 

              On the playful style of “Burn Down The High School” Blind Uncle Harry features a gorgeous sound one both intimate and raw.

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