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Media articles and interviews for the 2020 album The Gospel According To Blind Uncle Harry, and for the Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven single, can be found on the Blog page of this website or by clicking here. Thanks!

Thanks WFHB & Local Live for having me on the show June 19! Special thanks to Spencer and the sound crew for such a great experience.

1.  Courage To Love (from upcoming album Courage to Love)
2.  D Chord Hammer Ditty (from Gospel According…

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Blind Uncle Harry Announces West Coat Tour 

We are gonna Hillbilly Hippie Haiku the fuck out of the West Coast! First show is two weeks from tomorrow, July 14 at the Checkerboard in Spokane Washington. Diiiiiiiiiiiiiive Bar :)

Blind Uncle Harry Releases Official Video for Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over 

 Inspired by the Beach Boys' live jam session recording of Barbara Ann while allegedly on acid, Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over sounds like a bunch of stoners having one hell of a good time. Even better, it's a sing along, and even better than that, it's clearly meant to be sung along to while stoned. Not that you have to be baked to enjoy it. As one reviewer put it, it sure does 'make you want to clap and sing along'. And I'm pretty sure she was sober :)  

Dopesmokers is also one of the

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Blind Uncle Harry to Play Bernie Sanders Benefit 

Hey, thanks to everyone who came out last night for the Bernie benefit at the Back Door! We really did bern down the house, as well as raise a lot of money for Bernie Sanders. We had a blast debuting our brand new tune, Courage to Love, as well as ripping through some old favorites like Burn Down the High School, I Just Want You to Know, Song for the Revolution, and Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven. 

Blind Uncle Harry's Top Ten Weed Songs 

 Hey, here’s my top ten songs about weed (pot/ ganja/ marijuana/ dope/ corncobbage/ 420/ etc). Criteria is the song has to be about being or getting high. While they are all great songs, they are not necessarily my top 10 songs to listen to while stoned :)

(Click on the song image or song title to hear the song.
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10.Reefer Man: Cab Calloway

A 1933 classic from the great Cab Calloway. I know it's a cliche, but in this case really truly they don't

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Blind Uncle Harry Featured in Nuvo (Indy's alternative weekly) 

Blind Uncle Harry is featured in a video with some other great bands on Nuvo’s website (Indy's alternative paper) highlighting Bloomington's DIY music scene. Thanks to Kaylie Starkey and Tessa Donolli for putting this together.

Click on the image on the left to watch. 

Blind Uncle Harry Interview Live on WIUX 

Hey here's the WIUX (Indiana University's awesome college radio station) interview session we did last week with Colin Thomas that ran live on Feb 2. You may have trouble recognizing Bryce without enormous blonde hair and his cape. 

Click on the image to hear the show

Check It Out! Whittaker Evans' Blog Review of Industrial Collapse 

         To quote another Blind Uncle Harry song (Hillbilly Hippy Haiku Heaven), if you are a 'gay lesbian bisexual transgender pot smokin' acid trippin' tree huggin' illegal immigrant, lazy black welfare mother job avoiding anarchist anti capitalist lazy hippie hillbilly', you will probably love this album. But, to paraphrase Todd Snider, if you are a conservative christian right wing republican, well, probably not so much. 

    Most of Visualize Industrial Collapse was recorded live at Bloomington's

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Blind Uncle Harry Banned by IU Union Board 


     Blind Uncle Harry is, to the best of our knowledge, the first group to ever have been banned by the Indiana University Union Board from ever performing again. The Union Board is a student organization that facilitates concerts movies etc on campus. We performed a show at Starbuck's in the Union building on January 28 as part of the Union Board's 'Live from Bloomington' series. It's a tough gig; audience is primarily disinterested students chatting or studying, and it's a little hard to get

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New Single: Christmas Day in Australia 

     Hey, we just released 'Christmas Day in Australia' as a single for the 2014 holidays! It has Christmas Classic written all over it! Bing Crosby is no doubt rolling over in his grave, pissed off that he didn't live long enough to record this sure to be beloved holiday standard instead of that White Christmas crap. It's the first single off Blind Uncle Harry's critically acclaimed debut album Visualize Industrial Collapse. Already being heralded as a surefire future Christmas Classic, the didjeridoo

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The Fabulous Debut Album

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