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"...the electrifying singer and songwriter Chris ‘Harry’ Doran aka Blind Uncle Harry has a new single titled that will leave you in awe! Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven is a winner!"  -Warlock Asylum Music Blog

"Infectious" "thought-provoking and unapologetic... Here’s a great example of what it means to make music without boundaries or barriers."  -The Bandcamp Diaries

"Are we not all gay, lesbian, pansexual, transgender, potsmoking, acid trippin…. Hippies?" -She Wolf (Germany)

Addressing politically charged topics without reverence, the lyrical content of this song will assuredly appease the hardcore Blind Uncle Harry fans who revel in his poetic rebellion against mainstream expectation." -Woke Chimp Music Blog

"...fun, upbeat, and hilarious. For anybody who is looking to forget their worries, I would suggest listening to Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven. I have no doubt that it will make your cares disappear."    -Skope Magazine

  "Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven is the ultimate affirmation of lgbtq identity and all things progressive... he's somehow expressed solidarity with every group maligned by mainstream conservatives while still being laugh out loud funny. If I could pick one track to be the theme song for the Revolution, this is it." -Whittaker Evans

"In a world of political correctness it is refreshing to have an artist unashamedly embrace their authentic and honest ideology without fear of a negative backlash." Woke Chimp

“...rule breaking, hands waving, unapologetic blast of living life off the cuff.” -Red Carpet Living Blog

“hypnotic" "glorious fingerpicking guitar work.” ..."They simply burst forth with so much love that it becomes impossible to resist their charms. Every moment goes right for the heart of the moment as it soars up into the sky.” "Best of all though are those unfettered vocals that ring proud and true. ”       -Beach Sloth Music Blog

Holy crap! We just got compared to Arlo Guthrie jamming with Flat and Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys! (click the link)

March 2020: We've hit the one hundred mark of college and community radio stations spinning The Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry album! Plus made a bunch of top 20 station playlists! 

"Superb instrumentation, gorgeous harmonies, and some of the best lyrics we’ve heard this year, Blind Uncle Harry will make you laugh, cry, and piss you off- often in the same song." WIUX Radio Bloomington Indiana

"Blind uncle Harry is king of the sing along" Bloomington Herald Times

"Blind Uncle Harry is a musical antidote to these politically poisonous times." Frankie Farrell, WFHB Radio

"Feels like I've wandered into the best country jam this side of the Atlantic. With Dylan doing his thing and his muse reciprocating it is a delight of instinctual artistry." MP3hugg


Blind Uncle Harry is the stage name for Chris 'Harry' Doran a critically acclaimed singer songwriter based in Bloomington, Indiana specializing in self defined hillbilly hippie folk rock. Chris took the name Blind Uncle Harry from his actual great Uncle Harry, who was indeed blind. He was a fiddle player and sparked a life long appreciation of the power of one man and an instrument. 

He and his rotating band specialize in self defined hillbilly hippie shreddin' folk rock. Together they are particularly well known for their raucous live shows with audience sing alongs and extended solos. The critically acclaimed single Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven from the 2020 album The Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry, as well as other tracks from the album, received airplay on over 100 College and Independent radio stations across the U.S. The album also made the top 20 most played list at five stations. Previous singles Christmas Day in Australia and Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over from the debut album Visualize Industrial Collapse received airplay on a number of college radio stations in the US and Australia.

There is nothing quite like a Blind Uncle Harry performance with the audience singing and at times screaming along to "Jesus is Comin' in a Rat Turd", "Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over", "Burn Down the High School" and Indiana

Notorious for being the only performer ever banned by the Indiana University Union Board for referring to the venue operator Starbucks as Starfucks and encouraging the audience to substitute singing “Burn Down the Kelley School of Business” for “Burn Down the High School”, most reviewers use the words Americana, bluesy, funny, and occasionally, poet, in their reviews of Harry's music. He is most often compared to Billy Bragg (UK), Todd Snider (USA) and David Rovics (USA).

When playing with his band the Ferals, they remind people of everyone from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes to Iggy Popp and the Stooges. Although, to our knowledge, none of those groups nearly caused an entire floor to collapse, as Blind Uncle Harry and the Ferals did during a memorable performance at Bloomington's legendary 201 South Washington house show venue. So many people were jumping up and down to Rat Turd that the show below in the basement was momentarily stopped as the audience was sure the ceiling was about to cave in on top of them.

The Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry features superb bluegrass instrumentation, catchy vocal hooks and harmonies while expanding the radical wit and lyrical expression Harry is known for. Politically charged yet still irreverent, the album makes fun of pretty much everything mainstream American from the work ethic to all things conservative christian. Yet it still manages to be laugh out loud funny, especially Hillbilly Hippie Haiku HeavenD Chord Hammer DittyUh Oh (Sounds Like Somebody Pissed Off Jesus)Indiana, and It's All Fucked (Donald Trump is President).

For good reason Harry is known as the "king of the sing along", and the album does not disappoint, with live show sing along favorites Cry Me a RainbowSong for the Revolution, and Savannah Kentuckiana included. And of course it wouldn't be Blind Uncle Harry without a healthy dose of twisted love gone wrong songs Emma LynnLong Lonesome Tune, Strip Mining My Heart, Sunny Afternoon) that only he could come up with.

Blind Uncle Harry's critically acclaimed debut album Visualize Industrial Collapse, was released in 2015. Recorded with the Ferals, the album ranges from heartbreaking love songs Christmas Day in Australia, to in-your-face-anti-mainstream American anthems American Way, I Just Want You to Know, and Burn Down the High School, to the hilarious Jesus Is Comin’ in a Rat Turd and the sing along stoners' anthem, Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take OverFly Away, featuring Shelby Jo Everett’s exquisite lead vocal, is, along with Song for Kori and If I Should Have to Go, best listened to with the lights off and a joint and bottle of whiskey at 3 o’clock in the morning, ala Nick Cave. 

Blind Uncle Harry has performed solo throughout the United States, and completed his first European solo tour in 2019.


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