Gonna Be ON WFHB Local Live June 19

Hey, I'm gonna be in the WFBH studio this coming Wednesday June 19, as a featured guest performer on Local Live. It will be the third time Blind Uncle Harry has performed on Local, but the first time I will…


Rat Turd- Live

Sheer glorious chaos. An early version of Rat Turd (Jesus Is Coming'), at the Reactor Core House Show in Bloomington, must have been late 2014 or sometime in 2015. Don't know how many people that place held but it was…


Dinks Song (Live)

As many of you are aware, I lost all my data awhile back while transferring files from on external hard drive to another. In other words, while trying to guarantee I had all my data backed up. Anyhoo, turns out…


Savannah Kentuckiana (Treehouse Show)

Golly, there were a lot of drunk people at this show. Sadly, there will not be any more treehouse shows as the beloved Tree of Heaven collapsed this spring, and had to be completely removed. But this recovered video, thought…


Burn Down the High School (Live, Acoustic)

Another clip from the Dink's Song session with Shelby Jo and Kendra Ann having a good ol' sing along to Burn Down the High School. Filmed earlier in the day but also on the back deck of Tecumseh House, with…


Christmas Day in Australia (Live, Duet)

Well not exactly just in time for Christmas, but here's a duet of Christmas Day in Australia with the much missed Alex Burgan. Tecumseh House living room, Bloomington Indiana. Date unknown

Live Set from WFHB's Local Live May 17

Here's the link for the Blind Uncle Harry live set from WFHB's Local Live May 17. Thanks to Frankie Ferrell and all the crew at WFHB for having us back. We had a blast!

        Click on da pic to hear

Live at the Dream, Bloomington April 28

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We had a good time SHREEEEDDDDDDDDDING at the Dream April 28. Click on da pic to check us out wailing on You Show Me Your and I'll Show You Mine. Special thanks to Jakob

Happy 4-20!

Happy 4-20 everybody!

click on da pic to watch the video: