Blind Uncle Harry featured on WFHB's Local Live

Hey just posted the link for our WFHB Local Live show from Nov 12. Link doesn't include me saying SHIT on live radio which is, according to the FCC, umm, bad. Thanks to Jar Turner for the panoramic shots and

Excess/ Tecumseh House Shows

Hey, thanks to everyone who came out last night for the Excess benefit and the return of the artist formerly and currently known as Brian. Chainsaw Mondays and Rusty were also great. Of all the Blind Uncle Harry configurations,

Bluebird Show

     Wow- still recovering from the Bluebird show Tue night/ Wed morning. My personal career goal was to play the Bluebird, with Blind Uncle Harry on the marquee. We knew we'd hit the big time when there was a full tub

Fight of the Folks- We Got Runner Up!

     Hey, thanks everyone who came out to Fight of the Folks on Friday at Rachael's. We came in runner up! To Ghost Mice. Ghost Mice were awesome! We also played at the Rocktober Festival on Saturday at Hippie Hill Tennessee. 

Pilgrimage to Grease Gravy Road

     Hey, Nick (aka Narley Hick Harley, the hillbilly fidller) and I went on a pilgrimage to Grease Gravy Road in (very) rural Orange County, near Paoli, in search of the 1860's circa log cabin that the great Lotus Dickey lived

Tumbleweed Tour

     Alas, the Tumbleweed Tour came to an end Saturday at the Blackbird Buvette in Albuquerque. Me and Brian- aka the Titanic Duo- concluded our no holds barred (or was it no chords barred?) swath through Texas and New Mexcio. We…

Woody Guthrie Music Center

     Thursday night played at the Woody Guthrie Folk Music Center in Pampa, Texas, way up in the panhandle about an hour northeast of Amarillo. Woody lived there in the 1930's from the age of 17, and worked as a soda