"Harry Is Without Doubt An Artist Who Entertains" Woke Chimp Blog Review of Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven

"Blind Uncle Harry is without doubt an artist who entertains."

"In a world of political correctness it is refreshing to have an artist unashamedly embrace their authentic and honest ideology without fear of a negative backlash."


The new single ‘Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven’ by Blind Uncle Harry is OUT NOW and available to stream on all major streaming platforms! 

Chris ‘Harry’ Doran, the Bloomington Indiana born country singer-songwriter received his stage name Blind Uncle Harry aptly from his great Uncle Harry who was unsurprisingly, actually blind. He began his music career as a fiddle player; a practice that led to his appreciation for the “power of one man and an instrument”. 

The stylistic specialisation of Blind Uncle Harry’s band is self-defined as “hillbilly hippie shreddin' folk rock”, an appropriate classification given the title of his new single! Known for their boisterous live performances, solos and crowd sing-along moments Blind Uncle Harry is without doubt an artist who entertains. 

With previous hit tracks such as ‘Jesus is Comin in a Rat Turd’, ‘Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over’ and ‘Burn Down the High School’, it isn’t overly surprising to hear that he is the only performer to have ever been banned by the Indiana University Union Board for referring to the venue operator Starbucks as “Starfucks” and insighting the crowd to sing “Burn Down the Kelly School of Business”. 

In a world of political correctness it is refreshing to have an artist unashamedly embrace their authentic and honest ideology without fear of a negative backlash. This powerful attitude coupled with skilful songwriting and performing talent is without doubt what makes Blind Uncle Harry stand out to his fans. 

Blind Uncle Harry’s latest album ‘The Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry’ was released in March of this year and is the follow up album to the critically acclaimed ‘Visualize Industrial Collapse’ (2015). Featuring strong bluegrass instrumentation coupled with vocal hooks and harmonies that will embed themselves within your subconscious for hours after a listen, this album does not disappoint. 

Addressing politically charged topics without reverence, the lyrical content of this album will assuredly appease the hardcore Blind Uncle Harry fans who revel in his poetic rebellion against mainstream expectation. 

The featured track ‘Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven’ begins almost comically with Blind Uncle Harry addressing the listener directly to help teach the chorus, followed by the statement, “the rest of the song goes like this”. The track incorporates a female vocal harmony line that perfectly compliments the lead vocal. The instrumentation sticks to a steady upbeat rhythm throughout with a solo break at around the 2:31 mark hilariously coupled with a vocal imitation of said solo. 

The chorus is comprised of a series of statements that would be considered somewhat controversial if the listener is an individual that has a hard right leaning political stance, at least in the states. Fans of upbeat bluegrass country music with a twist of anti-establishment, politically charged humour will love Blind Uncle Harry’s new album! 

Be sure to follow Blind Uncle Harry on all of his social media platforms to keep up to date with his upcoming live performances and release dates!

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