Our Show at Apple Jack's, the Diviest Country Bar in America

Apple Jack’s. As in Apple Jack’s, the sole bar in La Honda California less than an hour north and slightly east of Santa Cruz up in the redwood hills. Being the sole bar it’s also the closest bar to Neil Young’s ranch… I’d asked neil to open for us and or jam with us on a few songs but I never heard back. Sigh… Regularly described as the diviest country bar in america, Apple Jack’s lived up to its name. We got there early and commenced drinking some fine Lagunitas and getting ready for the show. Locals were all super friendly and hung out with us amongst the redwoods on the big back deck. Got a little weird when this guy came up and looked up at me big eyed and exclaimed ‘you were in my dream last night!’ and then he looked at alex and exclaimed that she was in his dream too. We took it as a good if very odd omen for the show. 

We had a great show. Apple Jack’s didn’t have a sound system, and our little acoustic PA was blown out, so we played without being amped. that was ok until about 11 when suddenly the place was packed, and so we really had to belt out the songs which was fine cuz it was definitely a belt ‘em out kinda night.

Local on the back deck

Man, we had a hella good time. We played for over 2 and a half hours, and then realized that none of us were in any condition to drive back to Santa Cruz so we ended up sleeping in the van except for nick who set up his hammock. We had to be back in santa cruz early cuz alex who lives there had an important meeting which was interesting cuz we didn’t crash until after 3:30 or 4. We miraculously woke up and got moving on time but then the battery was dead, which was initially pretty stressful but we flagged some folks down in no time who gave us a jump. Then we drove around trying to find the house of the very very kind person who had lent us some blankets, but we couldn’t remember his address. or his name. or even if they all were his blankets. So we left them on the front veranda of Apple Jack’s with a note.

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