After 6,000 miles, nearly 20 shows, a lot of delicious beer, an even larger amount of delicious and legally available weed, multiple rides on the Giant Dipper, communing with a water snake at Coffee Creek, and playing our last show at a packed out Apple Jack's bar in La Honda California (often referred to the diviest country bar in America) we have now made it back home. My heart's in California but it's so good to be back in Bloomington. 

The tour was a success. We broke even thanks to venue payments, cd sales, and tips that included cash, beer, shots, and bags of weed. 

We didn't see any rain for the month we were on the road out west. Driving back with Ned to Bloomington from Canyon de Chelly, the rain started as soon as we hit the Jesus freak flatlands of Kansas and never stopped; it rained all the way to Bloomington. Torrential storms interspersed with hard showers, hours in the middle of the night where you can't see jackshit and have to slow down to 30 and hope you don't get rearended by a semi that can't slow down in time. The huge brightly lit freeway billboards in Kansas telling us to repent and the hour is nigh and hell awaits were like some sort of primordial warning signs for being stupid enough to have left California. 

Ok time to rest up and get ready to launch the Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry! 


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