Hail Fredonia! And thank you!

More great college and community radio stations to thank for getting the album into their rotation! KUMM Morris Minnesota; KUWS Superior Wisconsin; KWCW 90.5 FM Walla Walla Washington; KWUR 90.3 FM St Louis; WBNY, Buffalo's Original Alternative; WCFM Williamstown Mass; 91.7 WCUC "The Clutch"Clarion Pennsylvania; WDCE 90.1 FM University of Richmond Virginia; and WDCV-FM (Carlisle) Pennsylvania.

And most excitedly for any and all Marx Brothers fans, WCVF Fredonia Radio Systems, Fredonia New York. Hail Fredonia! It's a real place, and a real university. And here I thought the Marx Brothers just made it up. Pretty sure Groucho and the rest of the Marx Brothers would have liked The Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry, it's pretty funny :)

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