"a heartfelt piece of outsider pop ...vital and vibrant"

Christmas Day in Australia is "a heartfelt piece of outsider pop ...vital and vibrant. ...a wonderful stream of consciousness, one that becomes nearly bursting with so much passion."                                

-Beach Sloth Music Blog, November 30, 2020

         Blind Uncle Harry delivers a heartfelt piece of outsider pop with the gentle disposition of “Christmas Day in Australia”. Their charms are irresistible for they incorporate a whole slew of different genres into the mix. World music blends with their twee pop inclinations with tremendous ease. A wide variety of instruments too also helps to give the entirety of the piece a communal togetherness one that feels ever so vital and vibrant. Understated vocals further sell the loveliness of the work for it ensures a certain balance. 

               After a short yet playful introduction the track becomes a brilliant bit of energy. Lyrics are carefully chosen for maximum impact. Every single gesture feels considered. The usage of dual vocals feels refreshing for they play off each other’s strengths. Both however possess a certain degree of gentleness that is doubly refreshing. Featuring great love for their surroundings everything works as the guitars hold the groove, making it feel rather tight. Percussion takes a backseat as it all neatly comes together in a wonderful stream of consciousness, one that becomes nearly bursting with so much passion. Little details matter a lot as they describe the day to day in a way that draws from Lambchop’s quiet celebration of the ordinary in an intricate way. 

               With “Christmas Day in Australia” Blind Uncle Harry craft their own unique perspective on the celebration of Christmas in a delightfully off-kilter sort of way.



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