Southern Exposure Firecracker Tour

Bryce Robinson, Shelby the Blonde Diva Everett, Blind Uncle Harry, Sven Sveninator Carlsgard and Joseph Dreamboat Klatt getting ready to rock the Root Bar in Asheville     Wow, thanks everybody who came out for our Southern Exposure aka Firecracker tour! Thanks especially to our new Johnson City friends Mary and Seth for putting us up and feeding us, and Kelly from Back Door Records for his very generous much appreciated contribution and for all the great music.             Special thanks to the waitress at Zarzaur’s Café in Chattanooga, who called Dreamboat a skinny jeans wearing motherfucker. Following is a little blurb of highlights 

     We had a nice send off from Bloomington from our friends Neal, Boom Boom, and Pedro. After a challenging first night of sleep or lack thereof at Red River Gorge in Kentucky, we were pretty excited to see that our first venue, the Root Bar in Asheville North Carolina, was a total dive. Got to be good friends with Stoker the bartender and resident Root Bar patron/ barfly Ronnie. Ronnie joined us for a few jams on stage and then got us to play a naming game which made no sense to anyone, including I’m pretty sure himself.Busking in downtown Asheville

     Sunday we busked in downtown Asheville. Had a small crowd go crazy over hillbilly hippy haiku heaven and burn down the high school, but the best part was when our new friends Rachel and Julie jammed with us and then played their own songs and we played with them. 

Blind Uncle Harry Featured in Nuvo

Blind Uncle Harry is featured in a video with some other great bands on Nuvo’s website (Indy's alternative paper) highlighting Bloomington's DIY music scene. Thanks to Kaylie Starkey and Tessa Donolli for putting this together.

     -Click on the image to watch

WIUX Interview

WIUX Studio with Bryce Robinson

Hey here's the WIUX (Indiana University's awesome college radio station) interview session we did last week with Colin Thomas that ran live on Feb 2. You may have trouble recognizing Bryce without enormous blonde hair and his cape. 

-Click on the image to hear the show


A Guide to Blind Uncle Harry's Debut Album, Visualize Industrial Collapse

         To quote another Blind Uncle Harry song (Hillbilly Hippy Haiku Heaven), if you are a 'gay lesbian bisexual transgender pot smokin' acid trippin' tree huggin' illegal immigrant, Christmas Day in Australia by Blind Uncle Harrylazy black welfare mother job avoiding anarchist anti capitalist lazy hippie hillbilly', you will probably love this album. But, to paraphrase Todd Snider, if you are a conservative christian right wing republican, well, probably not so much. 

    Most of Visualize Industrial Collapse was recorded live at Bloomington's Tecumseh House, and you can feel and hear the vibe resonating from the 127 year old heart pine floorboards. It was mixed and mastered at Echo Park, Bloomington's fabled studio where The Fray, John Mellencamp, Ben Folds, Stephen Stills, Over the Rhine, and lots of others have recorded. So, it sounds really good. 

     1.Christmas Day in Australia is the first single. My favorite story about this song is hearing it on WIUX, the Indiana University college radio station, during an IU basketball broadcast. So thousands of IU fans were treated to hearing the lines 'And the rich fucks look down from their balconies/ From their ugly high rises where the poor once lived/ You'd think they'd have something to contribute/ But they've got nothing to give'.

Nick Wildcard Harley and his amazing didjeridoo     The first thing that grabs you right off the bat is the didjeridoo opening. I mean, how many songs let alone albums open with a didjeridoo solo? It's part of the whole 'Visualize Industrial Collapse' message that goes throughout the album. The dobro then kicks on over the acoustic guitars makes it part country while still being within the genre of a pop song. Shelby Jo the Blonde Diva Everett's back up vocal melds perfectly with Chris D's (aka Blind Uncle Harry) lead vocal, and you can practically smell Alex(andria) of Egypt Burganthe beach while relating to the heartbreak deep in your gut. And then at the end, Alex Burgan's sultry duet for the last few lines is one of my favorite moments on the album. Hubba bubba- you really want to be sweating on the beach with her.

Blind Uncle Harry Banned by IU Union Board for Singing 'Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over

Nick Wildcard Harley, Joe Savarino, Shelby Jo the Blonde Diva perform at Live from Bloomington. Then got banned from ever performing again.


     Blind Uncle Harry is, to the best of our knowledge, the first group to ever have been banned by the Indiana University Union Board from ever performing again. The Union Board is a student organization that facilitates concerts movies etc on campus. We performed a show at Starbuck's in the Union building on January 28 as part of the Union Board's 'Live from Bloomington' series. It's a tough gig; 

A Christmas Classic: Christmas Day in Australia

     Hey, we just released 'Christmas Day in Australia' as a single for the 2014 holidays! It has Christmas Classic written all over it! Bing Crosby is no doubt rolling over in his grave, pissed off that he didn't live long enough to record this sure to be beloved holiday standard instead of that White Christmas crap. It's the first single off Blind Uncle Harry's critically acclaimed debut album Visualize Industrial Collapse. Already being heralded as a surefire future Christmas Classic, the didjeridoo and dobro opening chords will soon make you forget all about Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman.

     From the liner notes: Christmas Day in Australia is the first single. My favorite story about this song is hearing it on WIUX, the Indiana University college radio station, during an Indiana University basketball broadcast. So thousands of IU fans were treated to the lines 'And the rich fucks look down from their balconies/ From their ugly high rises where the poor once lived/ You'd think they'd have something to contribute/ But they've got nothing to give'.

    The didjeridoo opening immediately grabs you. I mean, how many songs let alone 

At Echo Park Studio in Bloomington

Hey, our first album, "Visualize Industrial Collapse" is almost ready for mastering! Stay tuned for the album release in mid January. Here's a shot of me (Blind Uncle Harry), Nick (Narley Hick) Harley, Sven (the Sveninator) Carlsgaard, and Shelby Jo Everett (the Blonde Diva) working on the final album mix at Bloomington's illustrious Echo Park Studio. Big shoutout to Kate Haldrop for making sweet music out of chaos! That's me and Kate at the control console/ board. Stay tuned for our first single, Christmas Day in Australia, to be launched sometime over the next week or so.

Nick Wildcard Harley, Sven Sveninator Carlsgaard, Shelby Jo the Blonde Diva, Blind Uncle Harrywith Kate Haldrop

Blind Uncle Harry featured on WFHB's Local Live

Hey just posted the link for our WFHB Local Live show from Nov 12. Link doesn't include me saying SHIT on live radio which is, according to the FCC, umm, bad. Thanks to Jar Turner for the panoramic shots and for hosting. From left: Sven Sveninator Carlsgaard, Buddha Joe Savarino, Joseph Dreamboat Klatt, Alexandria of Egypt Burgan, Austin Boom Boom Davis, Blind Uncle Harry, and Nick Wildcard Harley.


Excess/ Tecumseh House Shows

Hey, thanks to everyone who came out last night for the Excess benefit and the return of the artist formerly and currently known as Brian. Chainsaw Mondays and Rusty were also great. Of all the Blind Uncle Harry configurations, playing as a duo with just me and Nick (aka Narley Hick Harley) is one of my favorites. Unfortunately we didn't finish in time to catch Water, but we did catch Tom Pretty aka Dietrich John who ripped their set of Tom Petty covers. Me Brian Mike (Rusty) and Nick then went back to Tecumseh House and jammed and made a huge delicious concoction of kale, meatballs and hot dogs in tomato sauce and jammed til 5 o'clock in the morning. A great Bloomington night. As was this last Wednesday and the house show at Nick and Shelby Jo's, which featured the Accidental Seabirds on tour from New Jersey and we all played along to each other's songs til 2:30 in the morning. If there was better music being played anywhere on the planet those two nights, I sure would love to have heard it. Now gonna stroll into town with Brian and Mike for breakfast and mimosas at the Runcible Spoon.

Blind Uncle Harry and Nick Wildcard Harley at Excess Nov 1  


Bluebird Show

     Wow- still recovering from the Bluebird show Tue night/ Wed morning. My personal career goal was to play the Bluebird, with Blind Uncle Harry on the marquee. We knew we'd hit the big time when there was a full tub of beer waiting for us on ice backstage. I didn't think it could get any better, but then we started playing and we had the vibe from the get go and we never lost it- the joyful chaos of having so many incredible musicians on stage, highlighted by what must have been a 20 minute jam version of Rat Turd (aka Jesus is Comin'). My favorite moment was turning to duet with Shelby Jo on "Burn Down the High School" and she was playing Sveninator's trumpet, an instrument with which I don't believe she was previously acquainted. And then we had a band after party next door at Rockitt's- a Bloomington institution as legendary as the Bluebird itself- with ten of us jamming and singing at the top of our lungs while pizza customers waited in line at 2 am. Bummer Boom Boom was sick and missed it. The Bluebird show also was our one year anniversary, and the popping of Neal (accordion) and Dietrich's (playing my blind Uncle Harry's 1820's violin) Blind Uncle Harry cherries. Check out the pics of the marquee, the aforementioned tub of free beer, Shelby Jo's shredding on the mandolin, and the lovely Alexandria of Egypt. 

Blind Uncle Harry and the Ferals. From left: Dietrich Van Wassaner, Sven Sveninator Carlsgarrd, Joseph Dreamboat Klatt, Alexandria of Egypt Burgan, Shelby Jo the Blonde Diva Everett, Neal Anderson, Edward Can I Play Joyner, Blind Uncle Harry, and Nick Wildcard Harley Alexandria of Egypt (Alex Burgan) Before the Show

Shelby Jo the Blonde Diva shredding on mandolin


Fight of the Folks- We Got Runner Up!

     Hey, thanks everyone who came out to Fight of the Folks on Friday at Rachael's. We came in runner up! To Ghost Mice. Ghost Mice were awesome! We also played at the Rocktober Festival on Saturday at Hippie Hill Tennessee. 



Pilgrimage to Grease Gravy Road

Stephen and Nancy DickeyLotus Dickey on porch of his cabin

     Hey, Nick (aka Narley Hick Harley, the hillbilly fidller) and I went on a pilgrimage to Grease Gravy Road in (very) rural Orange County, near Paoli, in search of the 1860's circa log cabin that the great Lotus Dickey lived in all his life until his death in 1989. We found it (eventually), but even better we discovered that Lotus's son Stephen, a renowned fiddle player and songwriter in his own right, lived in the house right next door to Lotus's cabin. Stephen and his banjo playing wife Nancy welcomed us into their beautiful home, served us a delicious country dinner, and then jammed with us playing old time tunes for well over three hours. Stephen loved playing my blind Uncle Harry's 1820's era fiddle; he and Nick traded off playing it and Stephen's fiddle, which was the same one Lotus played all his life.

     Stephen and Nancy now have the original forty acres that Lotus's dad/ Stephen's granddad bought in the early 1900's. Their house and Lotus's cabin sits at the top of a 

Tumbleweed Tour

At the Blackbird Buvette Albuquerque     Alas, the Tumbleweed Tour came to an end Saturday at the Blackbird Buvette in Albuquerque. Me and Brian- aka the Titanic Duo- concluded our no holds barred (or was it no chords barred?) swath through Texas and New Mexcio. We will try to reconvene down the road for more shows and hijinks. Thanks again to Brian for letting me open. Thing that really stood out about Albuquerque was cops- cops in cars, cops on bicycles, cops on foot, cops in helicopters. Mainly cops dealing with homeless people whose only crime seemed to be that they were homeless.

     So in honor of the Albuquerque Police Department I did “I Just Want You to Know”, with the lines 'There are millions and millions thinking this is so great/ That we all live in a military state', 'Well the CIA and the Constitution/ more money for the rich is the best solution/ Profit is god and the Pledge of Allegiance/ War on the poor with a savage vengeance'.After the show in Albuquerque Brian and Rory and I drove back to Panhandle Texas where their Jeep's brakelines were being fixed. I'm now in Colorado and having a fabulous time

     Other highlights are detailed on our Facebook page. Biggest was getting to play at the Woody Guthrie Folk Music Center in Tampa (see blog entry below). The raucous drunk sing along to Dopesmokers at the Banter Cafe in Denton Texas was another. And getting to play the College Street Pub in downtown Waxahachie, Brian's hometown. I played a 45 minute intermission for Brian's mega set. We got free beers! Like lots! And I got to serenade the lovely Sue! (Brian's grandma). And of course kickin' back with some Shiner Bocks in Denton Texas with Rory and the artist formerly and currently known as Brian. 

     But there's nothing like the thrill of hitting the Colorado state line and being able to walk into a dispensary and legally purchase weed. Blind Uncle Harry loves Colorado! Greatest state in the Union! 

Rory and Brian Albuquerque MotelCollege Street Pub Waxahachie Texas

16th Street Mall DenverBlind Uncle Harry Loves Colorado! Marijuana Dispensary Denver

Woody Guthrie Music Center

     Thursday night played at the Woody Guthrie Folk Music Center in Pampa, Texas, way up in the panhandle about an hour northeast of Amarillo. Woody lived there in the 1930's from the age of 17, and worked as a soda jerk at the Harris Drug Store, which has now been preserved as the Folk Music Center. Woody ran bootleg whiskey from behind the bar. His dad ran a cothouse for oil workers across the street- oil workers could come and get a cot for 25 cents, and for an additional fee they could go upstairs to the whorehouse. Talk about the good old days! 

     Woody had 'this machine kills fascists' written in bold block letters on his guitar. I spent a lot of time trying to think of what song or songs I had that best conveyed the awesome spirit of the great Woody Guthrie. I got to do a bunch, but I led with Song for Kori. I like to think if Woody was alive today, it'd be the kind of song he'd be singing- only a lot better. 

Thanks so much to Mike Sinks and all the others at the Folk Music Center for keeping Woody's spirit and story alive. Thanks to Mike and Brian for including me and letting me swap some songs.

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