Oregon Dreamin': Rivers and Hot Springs

Other than the obvious- weed is legal- the best thing about Oregon are the rivers. We camped nearly every night for free in national forests, and some of our favorite campsites were on Oregon rivers. Hardly any reason to find a shower cuz we were swimming pretty much every day. Lots of little bumfuck nowhere country towns and rural general stores, like Walton's about an hour west of Eugene. and we also stumbled upon the 'other' laughing planet- it's in eugene! After legalized weed, getting to play at the Axe and Fiddle, and wild rivers, the next best thing in Oregon was Cougar hot springs up in the Cascade Mountains. Clothing optional! Just like tecumseh house!

Our campsite on the Willamette RiverSiuslaw River, hour west of Eugene



Old Nick's Show Eugene Oregon


Really enjoyed ourselves last night for our laid back set at Old Nick's in Eugene. Rooster and his Barnyard Bucketeers opened for us, only it turned out to be Rooster and his Barnyard Bucketeer, as in one other person. Who just so happened to play the dobro while Rooster played guitar. Me and nick had been all certain that we were the only guitar dobro duo operating in the vastness of the americana music scene, and there we were upstaged or at least pre-staged. They played old timey country blues which was cool. 

Got to Trim Weed in Oregon!!!

Not my actual hand! Trimmin' Weed in Oregon (Random pic from Google Images)

Oh how glorious it is to walk into a store in Oregon or Washington or Colorado and legally purchase marijuana. Glorious but still pretty fucking weird, one minute it’s illegal and possessing what we walked out of the dispensary with would have resulted in serious jail time legal hassles an arrest record etc and still would in the lamentable state of indiana. I was so tempted to ask a random cop ‘hey man do you know where I can score some chronic’ but thought best not to push our luck. When we got to spokane for our 1st show of the tour july 14 we did not stop did not detour did not pee poo stop to eat we went straight to the nearest dispensary. Oh heaven… not only a seemingly infinite variety of ready to smoke dope all labeled with its thc and cbd content and its relative effect, but also dabs and oils and creams and disposable and rechargeable vape pens and edibles- brownies lemon drops sour drops drinks- ok technically a drink isn’t so much an edible as a drinkable- etc etc. my straight up smokeables faves were narnia, green crack, and sour diesel. I was so baked for our 1st show at the wonderful Checkerboard Lounge with our soon to be new buds (get it?) Marijuana Killed Marc that I thought I’d have to rename us as Marijuana Killed Blind Uncle Harry. by far my preferred way to go 

Personally I think I went to dopesmokers unite and take over heaven when we obtained some gainful employment trimming in Oregon. Trimming is where you take a bud from the plant and trim off the excess leaves stems etc with a pair of little scissors. I didn’t wear any gloves and after a few hours I had so much resin residue on my fingertips that I actually got high. Then again it could have been from the hours of smoking and ingesting. Apart from the obvious fun of hanging out with a mountain of fresh green high (get it?) thc content weed, sitting around a table shooting the shit with a bunch of other potheads certainly made the time go past. Well relatively fast as there was that stoner time thing where you are certain two hours have passed and it’s actually only been 7 minutes and 35 seconds.

South Bay Pub (Olympia) and Mirkwood Veg Restaurant, Bar, and Tattoo Parlor

We were excited to play at the South Bay Pub on July 16, as Olympia is one of my favorite towns lots of busking lots of anarchists lots of cool music stores record stores and super rad. It’s where the crapfest that is I-5 from north of Seattle through to Tacoma finally ends. South Bay Pub is a nice little restaurant and bar but there were some kids in the audience, which always throws me cuz we can’t really do my Baby Likes to Smoke a Bong While I Go Down on Her Putong, it’s All Fucked, My Daddy Has a Great Big Pee Pee, Pretty Girl (‘you make me stiffer than a methodists ministers pecker’), Ain’t No Grave (i did you in the hayloft and in the bathroom stall/ I’d do you in a church even if I had to crawl) etc etc. Maybe I should just not worry about it and accept it as educational. ‘Daddy, what’s a putong? What’s a methodist ministers pecker?’ ‘Mommy, what’s that man mean when he says he did his girlfriend in the bathroom stall? What’s a dopesmoker? Why do they want to burn down the high school?’

Downtown OlympiaTraveling kids in Olympia

Anyhoo, we had fun and we got to swear and deride crapitalism and sing about sex during the 2nd set. But the real highlight of the evening was when our new barmaid friend Jenny let us camp in her and her boyfriend Phil’s backyard. Their place was a short walk from an inlet of Puget Sound, and we were surrounded by massive douglas firs and rainforest and we stayed up all night drinking delicious local beer and sampling some very fine products from their garden. Jenny is hella into sustainable farming and is rad as fuck and Phil until recently made his living by jumping out of planes to fight forest fires. Jenny came up with the great line ‘boozshie as fuck’ which we adopted with great enthusiasm to the point of renaming it the crapfest boozshie as fuck tour.

Our daytime show at the Mirkwood Vegetarian Restaurant, bar, and tattoo parlor was yesterday Sunday July 17. It didn't get off to a great start when Kristy, who was going to run a yoga class to get crew revved up for us as the opener, cancelled. But it was worth playing cuz the venue was a former Methodist church built in the early 1900's. It's not every day I get to sing about Methodist Minister's peckers in an actual Methodist church. Wish I had my pics of the stage and inside of the venue but alas all the pics I took got trashed via my phone's aforementioned foray into my toilet the day before we left... 

Ranger Rick

We then got lost trying to escape the meglopolis of Seattle and the crapfest that surrounds it and all American cities. We couldn't find the campground we wanted and ended up utterly exhausted at 2 AM at a trail head dirt parking lot. At 5:30 AM we were woken up by the first of many hikers. And then around 7 we got a much different wake up call when a VERY aggressive Department of Natural Resources Ranger angrily pointed out that we were camping right next to a big ol' NO CAMPING sign.

I doubt if murder or armed robbery could have pissed him off more than us pitching a tent in a dirt parking lot when it says no camping. What a dick. Apparently it would have been better for us to have kept driving until we fell asleep at the wheel. While he was hassling Nick I was singing just under my breath 'we all live in a military state' to the tune of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine'. While we were looking for ID's etc 'Uh Oh (Sounds like somebody pissed off jesus)' was qued on the cd player and he got so freaked out he let us off with a warning instead of the $99 fine he started to write. Some people clearly are not taking advantage of Washington state's legalization of getting baked.

We ended up that morning in North Bend, where Twin Peaks was filmed and we had breakfast at the diner as featured in the tv series and movie and had a damn fine cup of coffee.

Cafe Racer Show Seattle

Blind Uncle Harry with Nick Wildcard Harley on dobro, Cafe Racer Seattle

Had a good time at the Cafe Racer in Seattle last night. It's the neighborhood bar that we all wish we had in our neighborhood. I had one until the House Bar closed in Bloomington :( We got to play with Eric Apoe and They, which featured Eric on acoustic guitar, with an electric guitar player and a saxophonist for a sweet sound. Eric had some pretty funny songs and we had a good time. 

It was interesting being back in Seattle, where I lived for a couple of years back in the day. It's always cool to play a venue that you've been to as a customer and never dreamed you would someday be playing there as a musician. Seattle was actually sunny while we were there, although it was gloomy and drizzly everywhere else we went within 50 miles (Olympia/ Arlington etc). Alas we later found out that Café Racer was where in 2012 a disgruntled customer came in and shot dead 4 people and wounded another, before exiting and killing another woman and then shooting himself.  

Cafe Racer Seattle

Checkerboard Bar Show (Spokane)

Nick ready to rock, back alley Checkerboard Bar in Spokane

Had a great show at the Checkerboard in Spokane last night to kick off the tour! Got into town just in time to hit the nearest LEGAL weed dispensary and got nice and green cracked for the show :) The Checkerboard is one of those neighborhood dive bars that you wish was in your neighborhood. It had a back garden where you could smoke and hang out. Erin and the staff were all so nice to us, and we not only got paid but we also got as much as we wanted to eat and all the beer we could drink. Which was a fair amount, especially since I hadn’t played a show in awhile and this was Nick and I’s first performance as a duo so I was a tad nervous.

Hanging out with Marijuana Killed Marc in the back garden at the Checkerboard Bar in SpokaneMarijuana Killed Marc Warming Up Before Their Set

We ended up sleeping in the van in the Checkerboard back alley and the next morning we went inside and had breakfast and coffee and they wouldn’t even let us pay for that. Thanks Marijuana Killed Marc for a great set and for playing with us. They rocked out and killed it. Really hope they can make it out to Bloomington so we can host them for another show. Now headed to Seattle for our show with Eric Apoe and They at Cafe Racer!!!


Hittin' the Road: First Stop Montana

Yellowstone River from our campsite outside Livingston

Me and Nick Wildcard Harley left Bloomington on July 10 so had a bit of time to hang out in Montana before our first show in Spokane Washington July 14. i love Montana! too bad it's so fucking cold in winter... we got to swim and camp right on the Yellowstone River, just outside of Yellowstone National Park and a short drive from Livingston. Nick had spent a bunch of summers in Livingston as a kid where his dad guided fly fishing tours.

Me and the Blind Uncle Harry mobile at our campsite on the Yellowstone River

We also got to spend some time in Missoula, one of my favorite towns and home to Greg Boyd’s awesome House of Stringed Instruments and the University of Montana, among other things. Like Bloomington, Missoula is a drinking town. The bars all seemed to have been built in the 1880’s and you totally can imagine them being hotbeds of IWW wobbly agitation when Montana was the center of labor struggles in the west.

Big brooding sky Yellowstone River, Livingston Montana

We went on a bender in Missoula- hit the Missoula Club, Silver Dollar Bar, and then busked outside the Rhnioceros aka Rhino’s. We made $30 in like 20 minutes, with which we immediately went inside and invested in more beers and tequila shots. Rhino's bar counter had a panel that was refrigerated to keep your beer cold- now that's a drinking town.

We met lots of interesting characters, like the guy at the Missoula Club who struck up a slurred conversation with us before the small bodied female bartender came out from behind the bar and threw his ass out after he ignored her repeated demands to leave. And then there were the two dudes at Rhino’s, who bought us shots and who were excitedly revising their travel plans to follow us around on tour. We never saw them again…

My intention to post pics of our adventures met a snag when i dropped my smartphone in the toilet the day before we left. Shit...

West Coast Tour Poster

We are gonna Hillbilly Hippie Haiku the fuck out of the West Coast! First show is two weeks from tomorrow, July 14 at the Checkerboard in Spokane Washington. Diiiiiiiiiiiiiive Bar :)

West Coast Tour Dates!!

Yo yo yo! Here's our confirmed shows so far for our upcoming West Coast tour! Nearly all are in Oregon and Washington- where weed is legal- and Humboldt County California, the nation's weed capital. Wow, talk about coincidences! Stay tuned for more shows, tour posters, and our plans to hillbilly hippie haiku the fuck out of Donald Trump. 
July 14: Checkerboard Bar, Spokane Washington
July 15: Cafe Racer, Seattle Washington
July 16: South Bay Eatery and Pub, Olympia Washington
July 17: Mirkwood Public House, Arlington Washington
July 20: Old Nick's, Eugene Oregon
July 22: Axe and Fiddle, Cottage Grove Oregon
July 23: Blondies, Arcata California
July 24: Little Red Lion, Eureka California
July 25: Private Event, Santa Cruz California
July 26: The Artbar and Cafe, Santa Cruz California

Blind Uncle Harry signed to Lumpen Records!

LumpenHey Nashville's Lumpen Records is gonna release our new album, The Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry! We are mighty excited to have their support in getting the album out. What the fuck is Lumpen you ask? From the Encyclopedia Brittanica:

Lumpenproletariat translates as "rabble proletariat. According to Karl Marx in The Communist Manifesto, it is the lowest stratum of the industrial working class, including also such undesirables as tramps and criminals. The members of the Lumpenproletariat—this “social scum,” said Marx—are not only disinclined to participate in revolutionary activities with their “rightful brethren,” the proletariat, but also tend to act as the “bribed tools of reactionary intrigue.” 

Yo Karl! Go fuck yourself! Of the Lumpen, by the Lumpen, for the Lumpen! Dopesmokers, tramps, criminals, social scum, and the extended Blind Uncle Harry family of the world unite and take over! From little scum big scum will grow! What's the matter Karl, Don't You Want to be Fucked Up Like Me? New band name- Blind Uncle Harry and the Bribed Tools of Reactionary Intrigue.

In case you didn't get it, I am really excited to be associated with Lumpen Records! 

Behind the Scenes: Uh Oh Video Shoot





 Here is a behind the scenes look at our upcoming video  and single Uh Oh (Sounds Like Somebody Pissed Off  Jesus). Stay tuned for more sneak peaks from our  upcoming album The Gospel According to Blind Uncle  Harry











Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over Official Video

 Inspired by the Beach Boys' live jam session recording of Barbara Ann while allegedly on acid, Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over sounds like a bunch of stoners having one hell of a good time. Even better, it's a sing along, and even better than that, it's clearly meant to be sung along to while stoned. Not that you have to be baked to enjoy it. As one reviewer put it, it sure does 'make you want to clap and sing along'. And I'm pretty sure she was sober :)  

Dopesmokers is also one of the songs that got Blind Uncle Harry banned by the Indiana University Union Board at a Live from Bloomington performance. That, and suggesting the audience could substitute singing 'Burn down the Kelley School of Business' instead of singing 'Burn Down the High School'. 

     Dopesmokers is a stoner's anthem, but with a message- if everyone smoked weed there would be no more wars, there would be no more Wall Street, and life would be one big giggle fest. Well, maybe, but singing along and bopping your head to it will definitely brighten whatever   kind of shitty day you happen to be having. 

"Cuz everything/ That's destroying the world
Is impossible to do/ When you're stoned
You can't operate/ Heavy machinery

When you're stoned"


                  DOPESMOKERS OF THE WORLD                    UNITE AND TAKE OVER
by Blind Uncle Harry

Dopesmokers of the world
Unite and take over 
This world is too violent 
Everybody needs to chill the fuck out (x2)
Dopesmokers of the world unite and take over 

If we were in charge, there would be no more wars (x2) 
Dopesmokers of the world unite and take over 

Well the stock market, it would crash 
Followed by, industrial collapse 
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah 

Cuz everything that's destroying the world 
Is impossible to do when you’re stoned 
You can’t operate heavy machinery when you’re stoned 
So dopesmokers of the world unite & take over (x 4)
Can you tell me why, it’s illegal?
I like to get high, it makes me giggle 
You look like you could use a giggle too 

So hey Barack, Barack Obama
Let’s smoke a joint, some marijuana 
Life won’t seem so complex 
You’ll forget all about who to put
On your secret drone kill list next (x2)

Cuz when you’re stoned
You just want to sing a silly song 
So everybody, won’t you sing along 

La la la, la la la, la de da 

La la la, la la la/ la la la/ la la la
La la la, la la la, la de da 

So dope smokers of the world unite & take over (x4)

Song Credits: Blind Uncle Harry: guitar and vocals; Joseph Dreamboat Klatt: banjo, djembe, group vocals; Nick Wildcard Harley: violin, bass, and group vocals; Austin Boom Boom Davis: 2nd guitar; Peter Eye Candy Doyle: mandolin and group vocals; Alex(andria) of Egypt Burgan: group vocals; Sven Sveninator Carlsgaard: group vocals; Shelby Jo the Blonde Diva Everett: group vocals






More Album Cover Possibilities


Here's a couple of contenders for the Jesus EP album covers. The first, highlighting the deep symbolism that is Blind Uncle Harry, is from our good friend and bandmate Ned aka Edward Can I Play Joyner. The second is from our good friend and jam alammer Neal Anderson and features the delicate high cheekbones of Nick Wildcard (aka Hick Gnarly) Harley. Choices choices... 

Some album cover ideas

Here's some pics we're gonna be using for our upcoming The Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry album. God Doesn't Believe in Me is the hoodie of our buddy Mike Arsenal from Folk Y'all. Meth Bible Camp Road is a real sign, from when we were on tour in Eastern Tennessee last year. Tough choice but leaning towards He is Risen! as the cover pic... 

Fight of the Folks

Hey, thanks to everyone who came out to Fight of the Folks last night at Middle Earth. Great event, and we were thrilled to play and support Middle Earth. Sad not to have it at Rachael's, RIP. Me and Kendra Ann debuted three songs- Ain't No Grave, Shambala Warrior, and Such is Life Kurt Vonnegut. Plus Courage to Love and Song for the Revolution, both of which featured a good ol' sing along. Thanks to everyone who helped organize such a great event and to all the other bands that played. 

Sitar Jammin'

Click on the pic to check out the video of our buddy Myklos Santorini (aka Nick McGill) warming up to record sitar on Shambala Warrior and Don't You Want to be Fucked Up Like Me at Tecumseh House in Bloomington. What he actually recorded sounds even better! Be sure and check out Myklos/ Nick's band, Sitar Outreach Ministry. 

Nick Cave Fiddlin'

Click on the pic to check out a video of Nick (Harley; aka Wildcard aka Hick Gnarley) fiddlin' in a cave we explored on our memorable trip to Grease Gravy Road to find the ghost of Lotus Dickey. The fiddle is Sweetness, my 190 year old violin that I inherited from my real Blind Uncle Harry. Don't she sound sweet? 

Savannah Kentuckiana In The Rain- Treehouse Show

Click on the pic to check out the video: We never let a little thunder, lightning, and a torrential downpour stop us. The Treehouse Show must go on! A drunken Savannah Kentuckiana with lots of audience participation and sing along-ing from last summer. Thanks Kay and Joe Joe for making sure I didn't fall out of the tree. 

Bernie Benefit Dec 11

Hey, thanks to everyone who came out last night for the Bernie benefit at the Back Door! We really did bern down the house, as well as raise a lot of money for Bernie Sanders. We had a blast debuting our brand new tune, Courage to Love, as well as ripping through some old favorites like Burn Down the High School, I Just Want You to Know, Song for the Revolution, and Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven. 

Blind Uncle Harry’s Top 10 Songs About Weed (Pot/ Ganja/ Marijuana/ Dope/ Corncobbage/ 420/ Etc).

 Hey, here’s my top ten songs about weed (pot/ ganja/ marijuana/ dope/ corncobbage/ 420/ etc). Criteria is the song has to be about being or getting high. While they are all great songs, they are not necessarily my top 10 songs to listen to while stoned :)

(Click on the song image or song title to hear the song.
Sorry for all the Youtube Crapitalist ads)


10.Reefer Man: Cab Calloway

A 1933 classic from the great Cab Calloway. I know it's a cliche, but in this case really truly they don't write them like this any more: 
     "If he trades you dimes for nickels/ 
       And calls watermelon's pickles/ 
       Then you know/ 
       You're talkin' to that reefer man"


9. Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35: Bob Dylan 

Never mind whether or not it’s directly about getting baked. “Everybody must get stoned. All Right!”. End of story.


Treehouse Show: Feral Hippy Crust Punk Hootenanny


    Hey, thanks everybody who came out for the Hippy Feral Crust Punk Treehouse Hootenanny Monday evening at Tecumseh House! As well as 4 hours of great music, it was also a de facto reunion for a number of singer songwriters from the late great and much missed Grant Street Musician’s Cooperative. Buddha Joe Savarino and the Avid Hoots just got back into town after spending the last three months serenading the Indian subcontinent. As in India. Jake Brauneker aka Wildflower Union just got back from a year being based in France and busking throughout Europe, and the artist formerly and currently known as Brian drove out from New London Connecticutt just for the show.    

     Gracing the stage were also Grant Street stalwarts Kay Bull, the Underhills, and The Treehouse master of ceremonies and house band, Blind Uncle Harry and the Ferals. Joining Brian from New London were rad punk folkies Folk Y’all and from North Carolina their rad touring partner, My Druthers. I was thrilled that My Druthers covered a song from one of my favorite bands, Against Me, and even more thrilled he covered the punk anarchist anthem The World Turned Upside Down, about one of the first documented anti capitalist revolts in 1649 England. It's a song Blind Uncle Harry has also been fond of covering. 
     Thanks to Folk Y'All, I now have a new favorite song: 'OneSmall Fee', which rips Christianity a new asshole. Kicking off the proceedings was Bloomington’s hometown folky, Peter Oren, not too far recently returned from Oakland and the West Coast.


New Single! Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over

   Inspired by the Beach Boys' live jam session recording of Barbara Ann while allegedly on acid, Dopesmokers of the World Unite and Take Over sounds like a bunch of stoners having one hell of a good time. Even better, it's a sing along, and even better than that, it's clearly meant to be sung along to while stoned. Not that you have to be baked to enjoy it. As one reviewer put it, it sure does 'make you want to clap and sing along'. And I'm pretty sure she was sober :)  

   Dopesmokers is also one of the songs that got Blind Uncle Harry banned by the Indiana University Union Board at a Live from Bloomington performance. That, and suggesting the audience could substitute singing 'Burn down the Kelley School of Business' instead of singing 'Burn Down the High School'. 

     Dopesmokers is a stoner's anthem, but with a message- if everyone smoked weed there would be no more wars, there would be no more Wall Street, and life would be one big giggle fest. Well, maybe, but singing along and bopping your head to it will definitely brighten whatever kind of shitty day you happen to be having.  

           Cuz everything/ That's destroying the world    

       Is impossible to do/ When you're stoned                                                              

       You can't operate/ Heavy machinery

       When you're stoned

Click "Read More" for lyrics and more stoner artwork

Treehouse Show Tecumseh House

Hey, thanks to everyone who came out for the inaugural 2015 Treehouse Session/ Show April 18. Thanks to Carpenter and Clerk, Kay Bull, Hick Gnarley, Blind Uncle Harry and the Ferals, and Year of the Wheel for playing. What a great way to spend a beautiful sunny spring day- jamming in the treehouse at Tecumseh House. Stay tuned for more treehouse shows throughout the summer.

Checking out Wheel of the YearDreamboat, the Blonde Diva, and Blind Uncle Harry

Carpenter and ClerkBlind Uncle Harry and the FeralsKay Bull

Indiana Governor Mike Pence: Go fuck yourself

Blind Uncle Harry: Hillbilly Hippy Haiku Heaven

Here's our response to the Indiana Religious Freedom Legislation, Governor Mike Pence and the legislators who passed it, and all the wretched assholes who voted them into office. It's called Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven, or go fuck yourself Mike Pence. Here's a clip of the chorus. The lyrics are tailor made for the innumerable religious bigots populating Indiana, with the exception of the hillbilly hippy haiku heaven town of Bloomington: "I am a gay lesbian bisexual transgender pot smokin' acid trippin' tree huggin' illegal immigrant lazy black welfare mother job avoiding anarchist ANTI-CAPITALIST!!! lazy hippie hillbilly/ I'm an atheist Muslim Hindu true believer, uh huh...

     -Click on the image above to watch the video

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