Coffee Creek

Our cabin Coffee Creek California

After our overly intense shows in Arcata and Eureka, we are having a little break at a cabin in Coffee Creek, about 2 and a half hours due east up in the mountains and surrounded by the Trinity Alps Wilderness Area. No cell phone reception, no internet connection- it's fucking paradise! The kind of isolated place for people who want nothing to do with crapfest america. Our cabin is right across the road from the wild Trinity River; ten minutes from our place is the sweetest swimming hole I’ve ever encountered- a little inlet from the main river, smooth beautiful river rocks easy access perfect temperature and the view north south and west is wilderness.

 Our new bestest buddy... see the snake?

Yesterday we were hanging out on the bank and we could see a little water snake- about the size of an indiana garter snake- slithering under and around and in between the river stones and it kept getting closer until finally it popped its head above the water and was clearly looking at us- the three of us stayed that way for a long time just hanging out and I think I might have succeeded in getting it stoned by veeerrrry gently blowing smoke in its face.

Nice view from front porch of our cabin :)Redneck Yacht Club, Trinity River

A relatively short walk east across highway 3 is a little café and bar where they serve pizzas with grapes which sounds not all that tantalizing but was actually purty delicious. And just a little further os the redneck yacht club where locals have made a little clearing next to the river with camp chairs and a firepit and some solar lights strung up along the bank and an easy access place to swim.