Blondie's Show Arcata (Humboldt County) California!!!

Nick and i played last night at Blondie's in Arcata (Humboldt County), about an hour south of the Oregon border on the California redwood coast. Humboldt county is of course universally known as the marijuana growing capital of the usa :) :) :) We had a super fun time playing at Blondie’s, which at least last night was traveling kids central. And you haven’t seen or experienced traveling kids til you’ve spent some time in Arcata, Eureka, or Humboldt County in general. We got joined on stage by Jason on spoons and Ralphie on saw (played it with a violin bow) and this dude Eric hopped up for a bunch of songs on acoustic guitar, which was cool except he was pretty thrashy and didn’t know the chords and it turned out he was bleeding and got blood all over Nick’s lg-o. ‘Ol jason nearly busted his gut laughing when I sang ‘puppy dogs and unicorns/ she was rocking that polyester uniform’ during Savannah Kentuckiana.

We camped that night right on the beach, and spent the next day hanging around the square in Arcata which is hippie progressive central with old dive bars and music shops and guitar stores etc. it’s also home to Humboldt State University so the town is a mix of hippies deadheads traveling kids and progressive students. We had an excellent feed on the town square the next day courtesy of food not bombs.