Axe and Fiddle Show Cottage Grove Oregon

It was great to play at the Axe and Fiddle last night in Cottage Grove, about a half hour south of eugene. It's a combination bar and restaurant, so we were playing to folks who were also eating their dinner so songs like ‘my daddy has a great big pee pee’ are always a little tricky. But we did pretty well and folks seemed to like us and we were thrilled to get the gig- especially on a Friday- as it's known as a showcase venue for singer songwriter types. Recently they've had Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, Coty Hogue, and the one the only Steve Poltz, to name an illustrious few. 

Here's the pic and blurb from their facebook event page: 

Tonight, we have Blind Uncle Harry here getting started at 8:30pm. They are a singer-songwriter and band collective based out of Bloomington, Indiana, on a month-long West Coast tour in support of their new album, The Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry. Self-described as "hillbilly hippie folk rock", this show is bound to be unique and, above-all, crowd-pleasing. Come on down, and check them out!